Patriarchate of Moscow Seen Attacking Unity of Orthodox Church

His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk with His Beatitude Patriarch Cyril of Moscow. Photo Moscow Patriarchate

MOSCOW – The Patriarchate of Moscow, in a desperate move, is attempting to destroy the unity of Orthodox Church by its recent decision, which has been labelled  anti-ecclesiastical, to interrupt Eucharistic communion with the Patriarchate of Alexandria by removing the name of Patriarch Theodore from its Diptychs. The main reason for the move was the recognition of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine and the commemoration of Metropolitan Epiphanios by Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria.

It is reminded here that His Beatitude Patriarch …

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  1. Surely Mr. Kalmoukos knows that there are many who believe it is Patriarch Bartholomew who is creating a schism. It is believed he has exceeded his authority by intervening in the internal affairs of an independent church. Also, doubts have been raised as to the authenticity of Metropolitan Epiphany’s consecration as well as serious moral issues. Already, doubts have been raised by several metropolitans in Greece as to whether the Archbishop’s decision was wise. There is also speculation that the Greek speaking churches will all be in agreement eventually, although Jerusalem and Albania have yet to weigh in as has Antioch. As for only the EP being able to call a synaxis, that supposed right refers to a council, and even that is questionable in this day and age. There is indeed cause to wonder, and perhaps worry, when the EP has been referred to as First Without Equals instead of First Among Equals. Time will tell how this mess is resolved. Lord have mercy!

    1. I would like to correct myself.The right to call a council rested solely with the emperor. It was never the prerogative of the patriarch to call a council.

    2. well gee, it was the Council of Chalcedon that gave Bishop of Constantinople “isa presbeia” with that of the Bishop of Rome and the right to give tomos in the East.

    3. Blessed Lithobolos, please continue to bole lithii (βόλεις λίθους).
      Enough drinking cement, just throw stones.

  2. .There is only one reason and one reason only Tsipras , Mistotakis, and the corrupt ruling government of Greece.. Bart has surrendered like many other leaders of Nato ..complete sovereignty to Geoffrey Pyatt , Robert Menendez , Mike Pompeo, the degenerates in the U. S government still run by C.IA Directors James Clapper and John Brennan and the State Department of traitors!

    Barts actions to preserve his power ..just like Mistotakis, Tsipras , and the rulng parties of to retain his power by putting himself under the Protection racket of an Organized Crime Family ..called the U.S and Nato ..which requires his complete subservience to their interest to take over the countries of Eastern Europe like the Ukraine… and probably Georgia in the future to strangle Russia!

    To this end .. they must conquer the hearts and minds of Orthodox Christians make the invented enemies of degenerates in Washington..the enemies of the Orthodox faithfull!

    Bart .. is nothing more than a player with the Anti Christ actors in Washington and Brussel who continue to violate agreements with the Break up of the Soviet Union, not to expand Nato into the former countries of the Soviet Bloc! However, Nato , the new Warsaw Pact has continued to add North Macedonia.. and likely try to add Ukraine … to the Orthodox dominant countries in Eastern Europe to surround and strangle Russia!

    Which will ultimately., allow the fanatics . ..

  3. cont..

    of Washington and Brussels do what they did in the Middlle East .. evoke the full fury of the Orthodox dominant country of Russia nuclear and military forces..which in 10 minutes… with their new Hyposonic Nuclear warheads decimate every Nato country in the world ..including U.S bases in Greece!

    And that is the Crime of Bart , Diamataris, and Kalmoukos and the entire TNH colloborators to the Glory to America and Israel crimes against humanity for inciting and promoting lies and distortions ..which to date have killed over 22 million foreign citizens of the world, since, WW 2!

    Kalmoukos..what rock do you come under to incite war between the Christians of the Greek Orthodox Church Do you really believe you serve Christ … in simply supporting a war on the Orthodox Church of Russia and its the Evangelical Anglo religious fanatics of U.S and Britain…which they do not even hide as follows..

    U.S War department Secretary, and former V.P of Ratheon Military Contrator .“Our National Defense Strategy emphasizes that our principal concern is to counter Russia’s sovereign independence, its growing regional and global influence, it economic, financial, military and technological development, he failed to explain, adding:

    “I need to redeploy (Pentagon) forces to the area” to increase the US military footprint in a part of the world,.but not its own, like Greece and the Ukraine!

    You , TNH , and Bart .are the monsters of hate and war in our church!

    1. Well Said. Also the Bart is a Turko not a Greek and he has served the Turkish Army in the 50’s. Also he is a free Mason scum.

    2. Manos…that is like saying a Russian in the US is not a Russian but an American. Greeks will never abandon the EP and go over to the KBG agent Kiril in Moscow.

  4. There have been seven Ecumenical Councils to date.
    Not one has been convened by the Ecumenical Patriarch.
    All were convened by the Roman Emperor.
    There is no Roman Emperor and no Roman Empire now.
    In the Roman Empire, after the schism with Rome,
    the EP was ‘First Among Equals’ in honour only.
    In the Ottoman Empire, after the Fall of Constantinople,
    the EP was appointed ‘Rum Millet Basi’ by the Sultan;
    that is: ‘First Without Equals among Orthodox Christians’.
    Of course, this only applied within the Ottoman Empire.
    There is no Sultan and no Ottoman Empire now.
    Therefore there is now no, and need for any:
    ‘First Without Equals among Orthodox Christians’.

    1. Who gave tomos to the Serbian, Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, Greek(Athens), and Polish Orthodox churches? The Ecumenical Patriarch which received “isa presbeia” to the Bishop of Rome by the Ecumenical of Chalcedon. Learn your Christian history.

  5. To Repanidi and Michael Viajamos your comments are well written and to the point. Excellent. Please read the following article from the website of Orthodox Journalists in Ukraine (Ukrainian Orthodox Church Moscow Patriarchate). The Ukrainian Orthodox Church is the largest church in Ukraine with over 12,000 churches minus the 180 or so churches that the schismatics with aid from the Uniate Greek Catholic Church of Ukraine have forcefully taken over since the issuance of the ‘tomos’ by Bartholomew. Here in the U.K. some wonder whether Bartholomew is in his right mind…….megalomania has taken over. Bartholomew is firmly under the U.S. State Department and it is regrettable that Kalmoukos is so blind not to see this.

    1. Mr. Gavrilov I am a regular reader of the Union of Orthodox Journalists which is an excellent and
      very informative new site. I also have wondered whether Patriarch Bartholomew has suffered some
      sort of mental breakdown considering his increasingly bizarre statements regarding his power over
      all of Orthodoxy and more recently his praise of Filaret Denisenko. That would be the best case
      scenario. Worst case scenario is the likelihood of his being an active collaborator in the war on
      Russia and on Orthodoxy in general.

  6. There is a typo error. My comment is addressed to Michael Gianakos not ‘Viajamos’. Thank you.

  7. They would syncretize with monophysites but not Western Trinitarian Christians? The Moscow and Antioch patriarchs would do us a favor if they joined the monophysites, showing they, too, are proto-muslim semi-Christians, following the hideous path scorched by Nesselrode when he sent Uspensky to de-Hellenize the Antiochians and almost Jerusalem, eventually spawning the Ba’ath Part of Michel Aflaq, Saddam and Assad. That is why the Russians turned to satanic syncretism of monphysite Skoptosy circumcision, Zoroastrian toll houses and mir obsinas. That is how the nigrasiates brought their miaphysitic communism to bloody Greece where the Ignatieff Comitazis left off.

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