The Smashers of the Orthodox Church

His Eminence Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk with His Beatitude Patriarch Cyril of Moscow. Photo Moscow Patriarchate



Nobody was surprised by the latest anti-ecclesiastical and anti-orthodox paroxysm of the Patriarchate of Moscow, ceasing to commemorate the name of the Prelate of the Second Throne of the Orthodox Church, His Beatitude Patriarch Theodore of Alexandria. The reason for this action was the recognition by Patriarch Theodore of the Autocephaly of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine granted by the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Adding to the ecclesiological tragicomedy is the fact that while they cut ties with Patriarch Theodore, they decided to …

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  1. Only white Supremacist Aristocrats , who serve the “Glory to America and Israel” Greek Secret Society of Ahepa and Hellenic organization who worship the leaders of U.S. State department and Pro Jewish Israeli lobbies Robert Menendez and Patrick Theros could think the public is so inferior,that they still believe your fake news Greek Newspaper narratives that represent the interests of the only legitimate Terrorist organization in the world . the United States and Nato! .

    It is clear, who you really work for.with the fraud Bartholomew, Mistotakis, Ahepan Robert Menendez, Patrick Theros, Diamataris. Geoffrey Pyatt and a cast of C.I.A state department degenerates who prostitute themselves to be part Protection Racket of the organized Crime families of Washington and Brussels…

    It is clear that your anti Russian Orthodox Article is merely yours and Bartholomew’s treason in making the Orthodox Church a tool of war against Orthodox dominant Russia and enemy of Evangelical U.S!

    This is who you serve

    U.S War department Secretary, and former V.P of Ratheon Military Contrator .“Our National Defense Strategy emphasizes that our principal concern is to counter Russia’s sovereign independence, its growing regional and global influence, it economic, financial, military and technological development, he failed to explain, adding:

    “I need to redeploy (Pentagon) forces to the area” to increase the US military footprint in a part of the world,.but not its own!

    1. cont..

      To this end ..and to consolidate your mob protection position in the Orthodox Church betray Christ, All Orthodox Christians and like the Greek Nazi collaborators in WW 2.advance hostilities toward Russian Orthodox Christians of Russia!

      You have been exposed to who you really work for when the now former Neo Nazi Oligark President , Victor Porchenko of the Ukraine , who was installed by the current Prime Minister of Greece..Geoffrey Pyatt and TNH best friends ,..Joe Biden and Robert way of a C.i.A coup .. and is now indicted for corruption of bribes, frauds and money laundering to the likes of Bart, stood hand and hand with Bart spilling his war crimes blood of the Russian Orthodox Ukranians of Eastern Ukraine all over the Altar of the Patriarch Cathedral in Turkey to celebrate the atrocity committed against the Orthodox church ..that violates the prime directive of Christ love our neighbors and be one in communion! .

      Kalmoukos..your indignation of the Moscow Patriarchs…seem to have no space for the indignations being perpetuated by the leaders of Israel and U.S . on the Orthodox Church in Bethlehem and Damascus!

      The Greek Orthodox Patriarch Archbishop Atallah Hanna Patriarchate of Jerusalem, was allegedly the victim of an Israeli assassination attempt on December 17, just days before Christmas, when an Israeli gas canister was fired into his church in Jerusalem.  He was rushed to the hospital suffering from

  2. cont..
    from partial paralysis due to the effects of the poisonous gas.  

    The Israeli occupation authorities have long held him in disdain because of his outspoken criticism of the occupation of Palestine, and the suffering of its people. Hanna stated last month,

    “The occupation in Jerusalem is treating us as if we are guests and foreigners in our own city. This is the embodiment of apartheid policies and practices against our people in Jerusalem specifically and in Palestine more generally.”
    70 years ago, Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus Christ, was 86% Christian. The city’s mayor reports as of 2016 the Christian population of Bethlehem has dropped to 12 %, just 11,000 people. Israel has built more than 30,000 housing units, and the number of Jewish settlers in Bethlehem today is about 165,000, with 51 miles of the separation wall running through Bethlehem.

    Archbishop Hanna had a strong message for Christians throughout the world, “In a few days, Christians will be celebrating Christmas all over the world. The streets and town squares will be decorated with lights, adornments and Christmas trees in Europe and the world. I would like to remind all Christians all around the world: there is no point in celebrating Christmas if you do not pay attention to what is happening in Palestine as it is the birthplace of Christ and where Christianity originated and spread its message throughout the world. The nativity grotto is in Bethlehem.

    You and Bart evil!

  3. It is important to remember that this mess was created by the EP’s uniteral decision to create an independent church within the boundaries of an already existing, canonical church. It is believed in some quarters that the EP did this to set a precedent for the future so as to be able to interfere in the affairs of other canonical churches.

    1. Repanidi…. Get real .. there is only one reason and one reason only Tsipras , Mistotakis, and the corrupt ruling government of Greece.. Bart has surrendered like many other leaders of Nato ..complete sovereignty to Geoffrey Pyatt , Robert Menendez , Mike Pompeo, the degenerates in the U. S government still run by C.IA Directors James Clapper and John Brennan and the State Department of traitors!

      Barts actions to preserve his power ..just like Mistotakis, Tsipras , and the rulng parties of to retain his power by putting himself under the Protection racket of an Organized Crime Family ..called the U.S and Nato ..which requires his complete subserviance to their interest to take over the countries of Eastern Europe like the Ukraine… and probably Georgia in the future to strangle Russia!

      To this end .. they must conquer the hearts and minds of Orthodoc Christians make the invented enemies of degenerates in Washington..the enemies of the Orthodox faithfull!

      Bart .. is nothing more than a player with the Anti Christ actors in Washington and Brussel who continue to violate agreements with the Break up of the soviet Union, not to expand Nato into the former countries of the Soviet Bloc! However, Nato , the new Warsaw Pact has continued to add North Macedonia.. and likely try to add Ukraine … to the Orthodox dominant countries in Eastern Europe to surround and strangle Russia!

      Which will ultimately., allow the fanatics . ..

  4. cont..

    of Washington and Brussels do what they did in the Middlle East .. evoke the full fury of the Orthodox dominant country of Russia nuclear and military forces..which in 10 minutes… with their new Hyposonic Nuclear warheads decimate every Nato country in the world ..including U.S bases in Greece!

    And that is the Crime of Bart , Diamataris, and Kalmoukos and the entire TNH colloborators to the Glory to America and Israel crimes against humanity for inciting and promoting lies and distortions ..which to date have killed over 22 million foreign citizens of the world, since, WW 2!

    Kalmoukos..what rock do you come under to incite war between the Christians of the Greek Orthodox Church Do you really believe you serve Christ … in simply supporting a war on the Orthodox Church of Russia and its the Evangelical Anglo religious fanatics of U.S and Britain…which they do not even hide as follows..

    U.S War department Secretary, and former V.P of Ratheon Military Contrator .“Our National Defense Strategy emphasizes that our principal concern is to counter Russia’s sovereign independence, its growing regional and global influence, it economic, financial, military and technological development, he failed to explain, adding:

    “I need to redeploy (Pentagon) forces to the area” to increase the US military footprint in a part of the world,.but not its own, like Greece and the Ukraine!

    You , TNH , and Bart .are the monsters of hate and war!

  5. Who sez that there is no FREEDOM OF SPEECH in America. If Mr.Gianakos was in Russia voicing his opinion on religion and making derogatory remarks about the Russian government, the KGB would be hauling him away never to be seen again. If he feels that his grandfather Stalin who killed 50 million people while the Russian Orthodox Church hibernated and played it cool. He should get there as quickly as possible and I’m sure he can voice his opinion in PRAVDA and make the next edition. I won’t miss him and I’m sure that there are a lot of Americans won’t either.

    1. Only a Brown Shirt Neo Nazi member of the Greek Secret Society of Masons ..could possibly defend his Adolph Hitlers Grandsons.. George Bush Jr , Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton,Joe Biden , Barack Obama and of course .. the former leader of the Greek Orthodox Church .. Bart or Bartholomew. who stood hand in hand with Victor Pocrhenko ..the former Neo Nazi Oligark President and indicted mobster of the Ukraine, to join War Criminal and current Prime Minister of Greece Geoffrey Pyatt and Ahepan Scarface and also indicted Robert Menendez to wage war on Russia!

      What the readers need to understand … is that this low life .. does not dispute my facts or what I write, he disputes my right to tell the truth or dare speak up to expose his fanatical leaders both in the u.S government and Orthodox church!

      He does not dispute or refute what i write.. he does what good Nazis do ..they prosecute you not for the message , but for exposing their crimes!

      Julianne sitting in a Jail in Britain awaiting possible extradition to U.S for Espionage .. because while he provides evidence revealing that US is committing War Crimes in Iraq, and Middle East or evidence HIllary Clinton was using her private server illegally. and selling weapons to State Sponsors of Terrorism Saudi Arabia..which are act of Treason and violating the Anti Terrorism laws of America… it is not Hillary Clinton in Jail ..but Julianne Assange!

      Billy .. have you no shame or honor!

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