Turkey Looks to Place Naval Base on Occupied Cyprus

FILE- In this photo taken on Tuesday Nov. 5, 2019, a U.N peacekeepers walk inside the U.N buffer zone that divides the Greek Cypriot south and the Turkish Cypriot north, in divided capital Nicosia, Cyprus. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

NICOSIA – Adding to growing fears of a military conflict, Turkey may establish a naval base on the northern third of Cyprus it has occupied since an unlawful 1974 invasion, with Turkish ships already drilling for energy off the coast.

A group of Turkish military analysts is looking for a location, the pro-government Milliyet daily newspaper reported, for the base after using Geçitkale Airport as a base for Turkey’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) operating in Eastern Mediterranean.

The area said to be under consideration is around Famagusta, about 35-40 kilometers (21.8-24.9 miles) from İskele Strait, the report said, with plans to build a military facility but not to store ammunition.

Turkey is protecting its energy ships operating in part of Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ|) with submarines, drones, armed drones and fighter jets, ignoring demands from the legitimate government, Greece and the United States to stop and soft European Union sanctions which haven’t worked.

A naval base on the island is also expected to boost the rapid deployment force of the vessels and speed up their maintenance, repair and supply support while allowing long-term deployment of naval and air elements, the paper said.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said in September 2018 that Turkey might establish a naval base on the island if necessary and the move comes as tension rises over the drilling in the EEZ even though Turkey wants to join the European Union to which Cyprus belongs, but refusing to recognize the government and barring Cypriot ships and planes.


  1. Filthy parasites.

    NATO should look to place a flurry of nukes on turks. Literally, what is the point of turks? What have they ever brought the world but misery? This can all be stopped but NATO just turns a blind eye. This can’t go on forever. Turks don’t get to cry when they start to experience their comeuppance.

    1. How pathetic.. where is your rage to the biggest Parasite in the world ..Britain and U.S Nato..still provided bases in Cyprus..despite using them with Nato to commit war crimes bombing and genocide in Iraq, Syria, Afganistan and libya…non of them enemies of Greece or Cyprus!

      How Hillarious .. this cannot go on forever! Really.. you seem to have a memory lapse ..did not U.S Nato turn a blind eye, but actually supported Nato Turkish invasion and ethnic and religious cleansing of Greek Cypriot in Northern Cyprus….in 1974!

      And since then .. they have turned a blind eye and supported the British Anglo white supremacist alliance… to commit genocide and war crimes from the British Bases against the people of libya, Syria, Iraq, Somalia etc etc! ..For your information ..did not Nato in 2019 turn a blind eye to Turkey invasion of Syria in December to clean out some of Nato U.S and British kurdist terrorist rebels proxy armies to get there share of Syria!

      Today.. and get this U.S president Donald Trump ..the impeached president of the United States ..commends Turkey for trying to stop the Syrian army from crushing the last major stronghole of the Turkish and U.S ..terrorist proxy armies in IDLIB, SYRIA!

      The liar Trump…would like the world to believe ..that Turkey is saving the civilians of Idlib , who could be injured and killed by the liberation efforts of the Syrian Army!

      NO DEGENERATE TRUMP AND EDROGAN…you save your Jihadist occupiers!


  2. To hell with NATO, and it’s time to allow Chinnese Military bases on Greek Soil. And to build nuclear Biological chemical weapons to be useful on Turks

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