Letter to the Editor: The Current Status of Turkey and NATO

To the Editor:

There should be no question about the current status of Turkey as far as NATO is concerned, considering the current actions of that rogue nation. NATO was founded as a bulwark against Russian expansion and nations that either felt threatened by the then-Soviet Union or their defenders joined the organization. Initially, Turkey was a stellar member of the organization, but with the rise in power in Turkey by Erdogan, the political and military stand of Turkey has made an about face.
The support for Russian and Syrian aggression in Syria, the warming of relations with Iran and the marked agreements with terrorist organizations linked with Iran and most of all the series of aggressions against Greece has placed Turkey beyond the pale and should require Turkey to be eliminated from NATO and be subject to sanctions.

Nelson Marans
New York, NY


  1. Nelson…only white Supremacist Aristocrats and serve in the “Glory to America and Israel” Greek Secret Society of Ahepa and Hellenic organization who worship the leaders of State department and Pro Jewish Israeli lobbies ..like Robert Menendez, Patrick Theros, Antonios Diamataris could possibly think the public is so inferior…that they still believe you and your fake news Greek Newspaper narratives that represent the interests of the only legitimate Terrorist organization in the world . the United States and Nato ..who has used another one of your degenerate false narrative ..of “WAGING A WAR ON TERRORISM” , when in fact you are waging economic, political and military terrorism on most of the independent countries of the Middle East with funded ,armed and trained Saudi Arabian, Turkish , U.S Sunni Muslim fanatics ..to overthrow any elected leader of the Middle East ..like Syria not compliant to their control !

    Nelson..you must have awaken from a deep sleep during the cold war era…and don’t know that Nato is now what the Warsaw Pact was but no longer the threat to not the only threat to Europe and the World!

    Let me update you about Nato..they no longer are chartered to defend there member countries from Attack from other countries ..they are now chartered to attack offensively any country of the world .who “Threatens their Interests”

    By the way …Russia is no longer a communist country ..but a Parliamentary government!..

    1. cont..
      You are right about one thing., Edrogan seems to have made an about face, in no longer doing, what Mistotakis does .. hand over the sovereignty of his country to US and Nato ..the New Persian Terrorist empire .which has made him the most important assassin of Nato for all these years.

      In his own words..Nelson portrays a state department ideological white supremacist Fascist narrative .which make his, Israel and US enemies, the enemies of Greece and the world!..

      “The support for Russian and Syrian aggression in Syria, the warming of relations with Iran”
      Throughout US-led war on Syria, Edrogan called for toppling overwhelmingly popular Bashar al-Assad, wants northern Syrian territory annexed, especially its oil-producing areas.

      He supports ISIS, al-Nusra, and other terrorists, earlier conspired with the Islamic State to steal Syrian oil, currently using jihadists as proxy forces in his ongoing aggression and occupation of northern Syrian territory.

      , Assad denounced him as a “thief,” adding:

      “He has stolen factories, wheat, oil in cooperation with Daesh (ISIS), and today, he steals territory.”
      He’s an “actor” in cahoots with US-led aggression.

      “The latest of the plays is that he says they have decided to enter Syria. Well, for nine years, he has been trying to enter, but he was not allowed.”

      “He said he has notified the Americans that he will enter. You mean you told the Americans?”

      “What happened ?

  2. Cont…
    Despite all the bravado (about Kurdish fighters) that we have heard through the years, that they will fight and whatnot, the Turks have occupied most of the region in just four days, which the Americans have planned.”

    Nelson ..how depraved you are to suggest that Edrogan support Russian and Syrian Aggression in Syria, which is rather ill!

    What Aggression is EDROGAN supporting by Russian and Syria governments who protect the largest population of Orthodox Christians in the world ..and aggressively liberated Allepo from the U.S and Turkish proxy terrorist armies .. and guess what .. for the first time in 8 years celebrated Christmas in the middle of Allepo with all the Christmas decoration that had been prohibited by US and Nato terrorist armies ?

    Nelson. and what makes Edrogan an enemy of improving relations with a foreign country Iran..who has done nothing but comply with international agreements to not develope nuclear weaponry …and has never been seen bombing , murdering , commiting war crimes and crimes against humanity, breaking international laws of the United Nations to wage economic, political and military warfare against most of the world by U.S led Nato!

    What we can conclude from Nelson,would like you to believe .that somehow Iran , Russia , Syria,Iraq, China, North Korea , Afganistan, libya, Cuba, Venezuela and now Turkey are enemies of the world ..when they are only enemies of the organized crime family of Nato War criminal!


  3. Regardless if they are the enemies of the west, they are still a threat to Greece and not because Greece is pro-west but because Turkey covets Greek islands, the seas , and anything else they can steal from their neighbors. They are hardly the ideal neighbor and I think anyone sharing a boarder with them will agree. And now they have free reign from Nato, Eu, Russia, and the US to do as they please

    1. NIko… you miss the point, Turkey.as a member of U.S led Nato ..and ally of Greece and America has been armed and trained.to be the largest standing army in Europe by U.S and includes storing 20 nuclear weapons in Ankara, and is protected with 2 major military bases from the United States..who has as a member of Nato has been free to ethnically and religiously cleanse Greek Cypriots from Cyprus, Syrian citizens in Northern Syria, and shoot down a Russian fighter attacking Terrorist positions on the borders of Syria and Turkey with immunity because Turkey was protected by the organized crime families of America and Nato!

      Additionally, Turkey has cooperated with Israel , U.S and Nato to advance and support terrorist rebels to overthrow the governments of libya, Syria , Iraq, and Iran …and most importanlty..the current war with Russia and China!

      So Niko.. what makes you suggest that they have never had a free reign to commit atrocities and make land grabs of its neighbors, slaughter foreign citizens, loot their oil and energy resources, Assassinate foreign leaders, and violate the air space of Greece. All these things have been done as a member of Nato and participant in Nato war crimes and wars in the Middle East!

      Buying S 400 anti ballistic missile system from Russia , or buying oil and gas from Iran..or not complying with US and Israeli.policies now makes Turkey an Enemy of Nato, not threats to Greece!

      Nato created this monster, not Turks!

      … …

  4. I agree Michael but how can this monster be contained now that the threats will soon be carried out? It was definitely created by Nato who turns a blind eye even with all the warnings over the last 40 years. Do the people of Greece need to spill more blood ? The only thing our politicians care about in the US is impeachment. If you remember , Turkey invaded Cyprus during the Nixon impeachment, all while we had a Greek vice president in office.

    1. The first thing Greece has to do is eliminate the current rulers and occupiers of Greece… U.S, Nato and EU..who Tsipras promised to throw out, when he was elected! But choked, when they threatened his power and rule in Greece!

      Nato is an organized Crime family of mobster leaders who are all part of the Aristocracy of Marxist gangsters in nice suits ..who have a vision of one world body of the riches billionaire Bankers, Corporate and Private rulers of the world ..who can take over the economic, political and military sovereignty of the world ..to amass all resources , and enforce it with a Marxist International Police State of America and Nato!

      Why should Greek blood be used to maintain the rule of U.S and Nato? Greeks are not fighting to preserve their territories from Turkey…they should fighting to get the current Tyrants and occupyiers form U.S and Nato …who created ISIS , AL Queda. and most of the Terrorist organizations in libya, Syria , Iraq and Afganistan!

      All of this to meet the only objective of the Impeachment Committee .who have supported all these terrorist and Turkey to eliminate Russia, the only threat to dominance of Europe and the world!

      When Russia folded in the late 1996.. and was bankrupt .. Russia was a reformed enemy .. and what did U.S and Nato ..begin invading Yugoslavia to dismember that country… but now that Putin has thrown out the Oligarks who now run America..he became a new threat to world hegemony!

  5. cont..

    What does someone do to bullies ..like U.S and Turkey.. you get rid of them and punch them in the nose!

    First, you tell US and Nato .. that if they do not police their own members for violating the Nato charter to defend its members from Aggression..and not just from Russia.. by waging economic, political, and military warfare ..including embargoing oil and gas , like they are doing to Syria, Venezuela, Iran , North Korea, etc etc…on Nato Turkey to stop their territorial violations of Greece, ..then U.S , British and Nato bases in Greece and Cyprus are to be closed!

    Additionally, the East Med Energy Partnership agreement with Israel ..and licensing agreements with Exon Mobil will be terminated and awarded to any foreign country …including Russia or whoever wishes to bid on the oil development of Greece!

    This is the MONSTER.that has violated the Sovereignty of Greece, well before Turkey…and with the EU rules Greece with a Corrupt Greek Government !

    Until you do this ..do not expect any Greek in the world , including Greece and Cyprus to die to defend the territories Annexed a long time ago… by U.S , Nato and EU, who have only one interest ..waging war with Russia and any independent country ..like libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran ..etc etc ..who have not surrendered their countries to the degenerate Aristocrats of Washington, Tel Aviv, Brussels and Ryard!

    The U.S and Nato..are simply a world wide Monster who manipulates wars to there

    1. cont..

      To there advantage and benefit! They can stop these threats very easily,,,but they do not, since, they need Turkey ..to extort more control of Greece..to add more bases and do their bidding ! Which is how all Nato countries are controlled, by selling the Russian Boogeyman narrative to make them buy more U.S weapons.and forcing them to surrender their countries operations to nothing less than the Mobsters of the 1930. who would tell legitimate businesses that they needed to be protected by the Mob ..against unknown enemies or get bombed!

      Edrogan has no intentions of invading Greece without the permission of Russia and U.S !

      However.. the corrupt Greek government plays by the dictates of Washington and Brussels and uses the Turks to extort more protection favors from a Greek government wanting to defend themselves, not the country of Greece!

      This is how you kill the biggest monster …and this is how you the little monster Turkey!

      Simply , get the best Russian S 400 anti ballistic missile system in place ..based on the fact , that Nato is no longer in charge, which end the air space violations ..and if not .. start shooting down every Turkish plane flying in the airspace of Greece!

      Turkey cannot complain since they had the chops to shoot down a Russia fighter at the Turkish Border .Syrian border.. of course, with U.S insistence.. but now buying missile from Russia!”

      Then let them, try to occupy their claimed territory..Big Bluff!..

  6. cont.

    Greece is being used as war fodder for U.S and Israel against Turkey..who has been insubordinate to the interest of waging war on Iran by war criminals U.S and Israel..currently losing in Syria!

    If Turkey did not drop out of the Alliance of US , Saudi Arabia and Israel ..to remap the Middle East ..we would be at war, right now with Iran to satisfy the money boys from the Jewish Pro Israeli lobbies and Saudi Royal families!

    They cannot wage war on Iran without the cooperation of Turkey from a logistical and military standpoint ..and now Turkey buys weapons from Russia ..the number one enemy of these degenerates , but not listes on any poles by the people of the world!

    So when you hear, Mistotakis doing nothing but .. rally the Greek population by screaming his plans to defeat Turkey .. he is merely playing to the population and preparing to do Washington and Tel Aviv ..dirty work with Greek blood!

    That is why .. you remove the real monster ..so when you go to war .. the people know that they are defending Greeks and Greece..not Brussels and Washington!

    Finally, the last thing Greece should do is provoke a war by prematurely taking military action before Turkey actually tries to occupy …any land territory of Greece! Again, Greece is being used to ..represent the interests of U.S and Israel to do what they have done everywhere in the world .. the leaders of non compliant countries to U.S hegemony.

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