Reader Says Cry of Racism is an Old Liberal Trick

To the Editor:

Former Ambassador Patrick Theros should be ashamed of himself. His column “Racism’s Hateful Virus Contaminates Presidential Politics” (TNH, Oct. 19) is one of the most vicious and bitter pieces of writing I have ever read.

Rather than try to explain and defend President Barack Obama’s policies, a number of which have ended in failure, he instead launches into a fusillade of name-calling. Anyone who opposes President Obama, he purports, must be a racist, reactionary, secessionist, Ku Klux Klan believer, Jim Crow adherent, and so on. This is a favorite trick of liberals. Anyone who doesn’t agree with their policies is quickly labeled a sexist, bigot, homophobe, xenophobe, racist, etc. Amb. Theros resorts precisely to this tactic.

Apparently, in Amb. Theros’ mind, there can be no legitimate criticism of President Obama’s policies. To criticize him, one must be racist.

I have a news flash for you, Mr. Ambassador: that’s not the way the American political system works. Analysis, affirmation, criticism, and rejection have always been present in our system of governance. Obviously, the arena of ideas means nothing to you. Name-calling appears to be your specialty.

Anthone C. Colovas

Parma, OH