Beer Surpassing Wine in the Land of Dionysus?

Dionysus, the Ancient Greek God of wine, would be rolling over in his grave – if gods were not immortal, that is. In the country known for its wine, and famous for its “Eorti tou Krasiou” summer wine festivals, more Greeks nowadays are spending the hot summer months reaching for a tall, cold one: a beer.

When inquiring about this phenomenon, many taverna locals responded: “it’s too hot to drink anything except beer,” and some dispense with convention even more so, loading their beer glass with ice cubes as if it were Scotch that they were downing.

Though it is true that a hearty burgundy may not exactly complement a light meal in the sweltering heat, a crisp, light white, rose, or even a versatile red, sipped along with a plentiful supply of cold water, can result in a wonderful – and comfortable – outdoor dining experience even on the most sultry Greek afternoons.

For the more adventurous, try pine-infused Retsina: you’ll be so focused on its unusual woodsy taste that you’ll probably forget how hot it is outside!