Letter to the Editor: The Massacre in Kalavryta

To the Editor:

I think something should be done about the massacre in Kalavryta which occurred in 1943. It is so wrong – so many people, including my grandfather (George Liakopoulos), were executed for no reason. The person responsible was a German General named Le Suire [Karl Hans Maximilian von Le Suire]. Le Suire died in his 80s with honors and a statue in his hometown. The Greek government should tell Angela Merkel to take the statue down. It is so wrong to honor a murderer. People suffered and so many still do from losing loved ones. My uncle told me of what they went through but I know he suffered all his life and took it to his grave. It’s so wrong that no one was ever held accountable.

George A. Liakopoulos

Little Neck, NY



  1. You are correct, too many have gotten away with Murder, My family has connections with events there at that time as well, While almost all the guilty especially older officers are probably all gone, their deeds carry on, and this is just one incident in Greece as there were many many more. As there were all over Europe to millions of people, Germany has gotten away with atrocities with very little accountability, yes they show up to memorials lay wreaths all for political shows, War is bad enough but the crimes committed by Germany against everyone not just Greeks cannot be forgotten or forgiven, this was a mass societal undertaking, not a few crazy soldiers. Reparations gets thrown around in Greece for cheap political points, Would rather have those taken away back, then a few blood dripped euros. To all those killed in those years in Greece and the World, Rest in Peace.. Justice may never come, but the innocent will live forever. AXIOS….

    1. Pavlo…Axios for exposing what the European Union and Nato would like us all to forget..since, Germany has never been punished for the atrocities they committed, and why should they ..the boys in Brussel and Washington actually admired the Nazi’s and like the Bush family .. made a ton of money in lending Hitler the capital to manufacture the weapons they needed to wage war on Russia and Europe!

      Who has been rewarded by not demanding reparations to Europe and being provided with no interest loans to rebuild, while the victims, like Greece, are financially butchered to take over their sovereignty and surrender control of their country to the leader of the EU …Germany!

      Today. Germany has been joined by the latest collaboration of Fascist .. Brussels and Washington ..to pick up were the failed government of Hitler did not do..take control of the Sovereignty of Europe and again wage war with the only threat to their plans…Russia!

      However, you forgot to mention …the other degenerates who slaughtered Greek men, children and women, who got in the way of their control and occupation of Greece… You forgot who also should be brought to Justice.and pay reparations for inciting a civil war in Greece , leading to the deaths of thousands of Greeks ,just to return the royal family back to Greece after the Germans were removed by Greek partisons!

      The greatest white supremacist in Europe..and degenerate.Winston Churchill and the British government.

  2. The Dirty British secret described by British Historians,and never mentioned by TNH and their Greek Secret Societies…

    The Dekemvriana . On December 4, 1944 when the British army, still at war with Germany, opened fire upon – and gave Greek locals who had collaborated with the Nazis the guns to fire upon – a civilian crowd demonstrating in support of the Greek partisans and solely responsible to the defeat of those German Nazi degenerates and with whom Britain had been allied for three years.
    The crowd carried Greek, American, British and Soviet flags, and chanted: “Viva Churchill, Viva Roosevelt, Viva Stalin’” in endorsement of the wartime alliance.

    Twenty-eight civilians, mostly young boys and girls, were killed and hundreds injured. “We had all thought it would be a demonstration like any other,” Patríkios recalls. “Business as usual. Nobody expected a bloodbath.”

    Britain’s logic was brutal and perfidious: Prime minister Winston Churchill considered the influence of the Communist Party within the resistance movement he had backed throughout the war – the National Liberation sufficient to jeopardize his plan to return the Greek king to power!

    So he switched allegiances to back the supporters of Hitler against his own erstwhile allies. Within days, RAF Spitfires and Beaufighters were strafing leftist strongholds as the Battle of Athens – known in Greece as the Dekemvriana – began, fought not between the British and the Nazis, but the British

  3. cont…

    alongside supporters of the Nazis against the partisans.“The mortars were raining down and planes were targeting everything.

    And thereafter Greece’s descent into catastrophic civil war a cruel and bloody episode in British as well as Greek history which every Greek knows to their core – 

    The British soldiers and Greek Police. fired from the Britannia and Parliament buildings on unarmed Greek citizens and hero’s who liberated the German Nazi;s who committed the atrocities of Kalayryta!

    However by the Nuremberg tribunal trial of Germans in 1945, crimes against humanity and war crimes by Germany in Europe resulted in conviction and hanging ! .The actions of the British Soldiers in crossing over the borders of a sovereign nation being Greece..and slaughtering civilian of that country, would have sent the mythical Hero of World War 11, Churchill and his officers.to Nurembert and sentenced to hanging!

    Instead, the elevation of the far right rule of Greece and ultimately the U.S coup of the Greek government ..in 1964, did not just bring in Junta..but the far right Aristocrats ..that now serve Britain and Germany!

    To date .. the racist Anglo from Britain , not only hold stolen Greek artifacts, but control the governments of Greece and Cyprus ..with their miliary Nato allies ..Germany!

    Pavlo,and George you are correct in remembering not only Kalyvyta , Athens, but don’t forget ..our brother in Cyprus..all victims of Nato countries. AXIOS

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