PM Mitsotakis: Greece will Not Accept Any Violation of Its Sovereign Rights

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Yorgos Kontarinis)

ATHENS – Greece will not accept any violation of its sovereign rights, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said in an interview published Sunday by Bild newspaper.

Mitsotakis also pointed out in the interview that it’s Turkey who is violating the Law of the Sea, not Greece. He was commenting on the Turkey-Libya memorandum of understanding – which has been widely condemned by the EU, US and the Libyan parliament among others – and he reiterated that it is “illegal and invalid”.

The premier was asked by Bild if he was concerned about an escalation on Turkey’s side that could lead to conflict in the Aegean, but he expressed confidence that “things will not get out of control.”

He strongly condemned the fact Greece had to bear the brunt of migrant and refugee inflows, and called for a reform of the Dublin Regulation rules on migration as they stand. He described as “unacceptable that Greece has to face the refugee issue by itself,” and called for a change in the Dublin system of migration, which places an undue burden on countries like Greece that are entry points to the EU. He pointed out that the European Commission had promised to create a new regulation and to ensure that the burden is shared among all member states.

In terms of the economy, the Greek premier pointed out that the Greek economic crisis will “finally end if Greece develops quickly.” He expressed the certainty that Greece would be able to repay its debts, and noted the favorable terms the country is now able to borrow under. “Who would have thought a few months ago that this would have been possible?” he said.


  1. Mitso has met with this modern Xerxes, shook his hand as has many other Greek politicians. Proving hes a Traitor, capitulation and fear is what keeps these new daily assaults on greek rights… Now only a military option is the only viable solution. War is inevitable, prepare for it, don’t look for help from NATO, EU, USA, etc a quick but powerful defensive strike is needed on many fronts to show… The Ottoman Empire shall not rise again at Greece’s expense, we will not let any nation just take what they want from us be that land, people, resources, etc. And we will not let any politician or political party or movement give away Greece without removing them any way necessary. .Times are a changing peace is what we all want but fear and running and letting your nation and its rights and territorial boundaries be challenged are not peace. Greece wants Peace, Turkey wants Pieces of Greece, Not happening No Foreign power or Greek Fools will be tolerated.

    1. Haters of Greece are already lined up ready to take Turkey’s side in a future war IF they can find an excuse for doing so. A first strike done by Greece as proposed by Pavlo would give those haters just such an excuse. No, trying a first strike is not a good idea.

      Pavlo did not tell us about any role he and/or his family would play in his proposed war.

      Greece needs to wait and let Turkey start any war.

  2. Hmmm ok I was born in America have dual citizenship. Belong to the Hellenic Reserve Forces, And other local peloponnese reserve units.. with other family members. Extended family we have 3 in service now 2 in the Army, 1 now a cadet in the Navy, As for first strike, not meaning unprovoked but any incursion to now drill off of Kriti as if its Turkish or Libyan territory is unacceptable and must be defended. There are other ways Greece can act in this case support must go to the opposition in Libya at the moment LNA, they are under orders to attack Turkish vessels aircraft etc. Unlike Greek forces that just play war, all these Turkish fighter aircraft that make daily flights into greek airspace are met by greek aircraft that in most cases are “unarmed” that is not a defense…. Turkey is vulnerable in many places, the Kurds should be supported, along with the LNA, Kypros must have full Greek support, not the timid support Greece does now. Turkey only knows force, does not have to be a major confrontation but a robust air to air and taking out a few ships will do, if more is needed then so be it. What has capitulation done? Lost Cyprus, if nothing done lose Kriti, the other islands their claiming, where does it stop. As for the article you mentioned I guess Greece can make a long wide path to many nations as well, let’s link with America, Greece can meet half way in the Atlantic through the Mediterranean.Yep Stupid. Greece is alone has been will be, Fear is not an ally.

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