John Cassavetes Event Presents Insights into Legendary Filmmaker’s Life and Work (Video)

George Stephanopoulos, Nicholas Alexiou, Lou Katsos (EMBCA) George Zouvelos, seated, John Sayles, and Foster Hirsch at the 3 West Club in Manhattan on December 12. Photo: TNH/ZAFEIRIS HAITIDIS)

NEW YORK – EMBCA, in association with the Hellenic Film Society USA and AHEPA, presented “The Life, Times, and Works of John Cassavetes” Panel Discussion at the 3 West Club in Manhattan on December 12 in honor of the 90th anniversary of his birth (December 9, 1929) and commemorating the 30th year of his passing. Celebrating the work of legendary Greek-American director, screenwriter, and actor John Cassavetes, the panel discussion offered insights into his contributions to American independent film. A …

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