Jealousy’s Ugly Destructiveness

Former Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs with responsibility for Greeks Living Abroad, Antonis H. Diamataris. Photo by Eurokinissi/Giorgos Kontarinis.

The resignation on December 5 of Antonis Diamataris – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Responsible for Hellenes Abroad, and the longest-serving publisher of TNH and its sister newspaper, Ethnikos Kyrix/National Herald (NH) – is the latest example of a person who has made immense positive contributions to society becoming the victim of dangerous destructiveness brought on by jealousy and dubious self-serving motives.

Often times, individuals who rise to prominent positions, and who experience joy in serving in such roles, become instant …

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  1. . Parable of Talents (Matt 25:14-30) confirms the glory of capitalism over slothful envy of socialism.

  2. I share your thoughts and admiration of Antonis Diamataris 100%! I also had personal occasion to appreciate his humility and objectivity as the head of this remarkable newspaper!
    I would take issue, however, with your mixing your political views with this human tragedy! Just leave Trump alone!

  3. Hey Scaros…how appropriate for Diamataris…to be a victim of another Regime Change action…like those he supported and promoted with the “Glory to America and Israel” Greek Secret Societies of Ahepa masons by his publically supported best friends… Joe Biden, and .Ahepan Robert Menendez! And not to mention, Geoffrey Pyatt, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the corrupt Marxist Police State of Yugoslavia, Iraq, libya, Afganistan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Honduras, now Bolivia, Venezuela and of course… the most publically prosecution and evidence of a Totalitarian governemt ..taking over the sovereignty of an independent country of the world .. THE UKRAINE!

    It is Diamataris that created these monsters doing what apparently he and the Media do best ..lie, and distort information to the public to represent his interests and those of the ruling Aristocracies of financial Oligarks who own not only the government of America, but the Mainstream Media to sell the lies to eliminate enemies of the state the leaders and governments of countries like Greece, who obstruct their plans for domination of all the resources and power of the world!

    Today, …these degenerates wage war on National T.V… to determine which group of Aristocratic billionaires will rule the world ..not America!

    Will it be the Secret Society of Billionaires and Oligarks who have owned and run the Marxist Police State governments of the EU and America or … ..

    1. cont..

      or will it permanently be shifted to the New Political Aristocracy of Billionaires who is more interested in serving his interests for power and money…not the ruling parties of Washington and EU!

      It is alleged that Diamataris.distorted information about his educational credits in being vetted out as the Foreign Minister of Propaganda for the Mistotakis Regime

      However, lying and distortion have never been grounds for any politician to be removed from office, as a matter of fact…by TNH and Associated Press is a requirement!

      As we watch the impeachment hearings and the Pro Trump and Anti Trump media combatants, which Diamataris has been a proud member of for many years attempt to cover up another Aristocracies war crimes regime change of the Ukraine, they blatantly, continue there new project the regime change of America , and possibly inciting civil war!

      However, in attempting to prosecute Trump to obstruct the revelation that the U.S government is a tyrannical International Police State run by fanatical Marxist Stalinist in the C.I.A, Congress, Pentagon, Justice department, FBI, State department all appointed by Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton to steal billions of dollars of America to interfere in the elections of the government of the Ukraine by orchestrating and funding the coup of the elected leader of the Ukraine and install corrupt Neo Nazi Oligark,like Victor Porchenko beholding to Joe Biden.and lobbyist..Hunter Biden!.

  4. cont..

    Which brings us back to Diamataris,who promoted lies that Ahepan Robert Menendez was Greatest Hellene in Greek History, despite being indicted for taking what he called Gifts of millions of dollars from a Nice Jewish doctor, representing stolen money from our Medicare fund, which landed the doctor 20 years in Prison!

    Diamataris,.who glamorized the service of his best friends with his Greek Secret Societies to the Greek community of the architects of lies George Bush Jr., Joe Biden and MSM, the purveyors of Regime change wars to remove members of foreign government.and slaughter 600,000 Iraqis citizens, 500,000 libyans, 500,000 Syrian,300,000 in Yemen..and incited thousands of deaths in the Ukraine .by installing the corrupt government of Victor Porchenko..who has since been deposed and indicted for Corruption relating to this Oligarks connection with Burismo and State department Marxist..Geoffrey Pyatt, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden.

    Diamataris and his media collaborators conceal..that Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden are all impeachable liars to the steal 6 trillion dollars of our money to break international and domestic laws to fund economic. political , and military warfare on foreign governments like the Ukraine. to replace them with Criminal and corrupt Neo Nazi Oligarks like Porchenko, to serve their interests, not those of the Ukraine!

    Knowingly, giving billions of U.S dollars to corrupt governments is treason and bribery!

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