Galis, Not Antetokounmpo, Still Greece’s Real Hoop God

Nick Galis during his induction into the Hall of Fame. Photo: Courtesy of Navarino Challenge

Giannis Antetokounmpo plays like Superman for the Milwaukee Bucks where’s the NBA’s reigning Most Valuable Player, but like Stuporman for Greece’s national team which he hasn’t been able to elevate into the world’s elite or bring any titles.

So until he does – his woeful showing in this year’s world basketball tournament where was essentially a no-show and got shoved around the court like a chump instead of a champ was not encouraging – he won’t be the best player Greece …

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  1. Hey Dablis… it is bad enough that your paper endorses corrupt and criminal politicians like Ahepan Robert Menendez..who has done nothing for Greece…as the Greatest Hellene in Greek History, now you somehow endorse Nick Gallis as the greatest basketball player in Greek History, and demean one of the greatest ambassadors in Greek History and its people, I have ever seen in America or Greece, because he was not as effective against the greatest players in the world, who double teamed him, and should have allowed the other players to turn the rest of the court into their personal playground ..which they didn’t!

    Nick Gallis ..was a very good Division 1 basketball player at Seton Hall, and I know , because I played agaisnt him in pickup games in the local parks of Union City!

    Unfortunately, I watched him twice a year embarrass my favorite college team! However, Nick Gallis strength was not enormous Athletic ability , like the Greek Freak, but enormous skills and understanding how to play the game ..when it counted! He was never the featured player at Seton Hall, and never really got the credit for actually, being the most important player on the court ..because he simply just got the job done without fanfare!

    Nick Gallis is a made in America basketball player, who made a very good decision to play ball in Greece, and be a big fish in a littler pond, not a nobody in the NBA…

    The Greek Freak is a made in Greece who decided to be the biggest Fish .

    1. cont.

      in the biggest Pond in the world and come to America!”

      However, the Greek Nick Galis ..are the greatest ambassadors for Greece how they conduct themselves while competing on and off the court!

      The Greek Freak, like Galis wears his heritage on his shoulders everyday …and that is what makes him the Best Greek Basketball player in America, if you do not believe he is the greatest basketball player in Greece!

      Suggesting that the Greek freak is somehow, in comparison to Nick Galis inferior ,because he has not won a World Championship, is a disgrace, and merely reflects the quality of sports journalism and journalism in general ..coming from the likes of you , Diamataris, Theros, and TNH!

      This guy is a rock star, among Greeks in America and Greece…because he promotes his Greekness, he promotes the Greek language when he meets Greek Americans, and only projects complete pride in being a Greek Citizen!

      You are a bit premature to dismiss a gifted made in Greece basketball player ..playing at the highest level of competition in the world as the greatest basketball player in Greek History, because he has not delivered a world championship for Greece, and insults great made in Greece Basketball players, as insignificant contributors to any lofty championships delivered to Greece by the Greek freak!

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