Why Not “Happy Thanksgiving” – in Ellada?

FILE - Thanksgiving turkey. (AP Photo/Larry Crowe, File)

ATHENS – Having just celebrated my second Thanksgiving since moving here I began to think more seriously about something that often comes up in the U.S.: wouldn’t it be wonderful if the people of Greece also established a Thanksgiving holiday?

Many Greeks already have an idea about what surveys reveal to be the most beloved holiday in America.

In my experience, the tradition resonates strongly with the people of Greece, giving me hope that a movement to establish a formal celebration could …

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  1. Because finger wagging yiayia is upset that Thanksgiving falls during advent and that it derives from Sukoth.

  2. For the Readers,apparently, since, I do not believe that Greece does not need to add another family gathering like the ” Thanksgiving Holiday” because we do it in America..to celebrate the day.. native American Indians save the lives of British colonialist from starvation, and provided them with food they harvested from their lands, and then taught the early settlers on how to survive in America! This was promoted as a day of thanks for the bountiful food supplied by Native Indians.that has been practiced in America!

    Unfortunately..the leaders of these settlers.would reward the Native Indians by slaughtering their families, and looting and stealing the lands that provided the food for the Indians and given to the settlers!

    Apparently, the Glory to America and Israel Secret Society paper objects to the truth ..and removed this post!

    Apparently they also object to the fact ..that Greeks do not need another excuse to have a family gathering ..since we invented it, and practice it, every chance we get!

    Importantly,our family gatherings and feast have been on Easter and Christmas to give thanks to not only the plentiful food we have,but more importantly, the bountiful values of life and happiness provided by the saviour of us all.Jesus Christ,.who also holds a family gathering every Sunday in his church to continue to feed us!

    We Greeks even invite the entire population to our Greek Festivals gatherng, including the Sons of liberty, to share our food!

    1. Cont..
      .. Constantine … removing commentary that does not support your narrative is not surprising to me or the general public, if you have not noticed!

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