Destroying America’s Structures: “Kill the Unelected Bureaucrats!”

FILE - In this 1976 file photo, Richard Lugar, left, and Edgar Whitcomb, Senate nominee foes, greet Ronald Reagan in Anderson, Ind. (Greg Griffo/The Indianapolis Star via AP, File)

President Reagan’s cute, ironic comment: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you” may inadvertently have done more to undermine American faith in our institutions than the best efforts of the right-wing think tanks and the Koch Brothers. Embraced by the unthinking, it has inspired such imbecilities as banners at GOP campaign rallies that read, “Keep government away from my Medicare!” The same sentiment inspired the plutocratic outrage at President Obama’s suggestion that “If you’ve got a business …

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  1. We need to take strong moral stands…..Dems go the other way– they are all in for infanticide and social engineering….young parents are turning away from this crowd…. Reagan had it right…..we get it— 20 of my friends left their life-long association with the dem’ party-this year alone—- and they “ain’t coming back.” Social media and t.v.—- I wouldn’t let my grandchildren near it!

  2. Bureaucracy is the inertia, misnomered as “deep state”. Before there was a bureaucracy in Greece, vanquished appointees would gather at Πλατεία Κλαυθμών (Weeper Square) until they found new jobs. Bureaucracy derives from the Turks who occupied China for eight hundred years (Wm Temple, vIII, Of heroic Virtue, 1690. pp 318-3320) and led to the adoption of bureacracy by Peter the Great, the Vatican, and Andrew Jackson. Sun Yat Sen liberated China from the Turks only one year before Macedonia was liberated from the Turks.

  3. have the basic concept of what the Clinton appointed .U.S. ambassador to Qatar and business associate to the Saudi , Qatar and UAE royal families of degenerate crime families against humanity. the honorable Patrick Theros whose Social Engineering of the Middle East.has slaughtered, massacred, starved and displaced million of Orthodox Christians and Non Sunni Muslim faithful in Iraq, libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia.and using religious terrorist mercenaries to overthrow the elected government of the independent countries of the world .who do not invite U.S troops in there countries to occupy their oil and gas we now see in Syria!

    It is the same, Social Engineers among Patrick Theros.,Marxist revolutionaries who occupy the halls of congress , C.I.A, FBI, Justice Department, Pentagon, Congress and of course .. the International Marxist Police State hub of Mr Theros empire of degenerates…the bureaucratic appointed degenerate State Department .who includes non other than Theros Associates Geoffrey Pyatt.,the designated State Department Assassin who has made a living of changing the regimes of libya, Syria ..and of course ..the most Recent Democratic Marxist project ..the Ukraine gov,’t in which Joe Biden, hand picked the now indicted former President Neo Nazi Oligarks like Victor Porchenko..who was part of the Energy industry mob controlled thugs which included Burismo, and beholding to Biden,Clinton and Pyatt family!


    1. cont..

      Eve..only a Marxist Stalinist police state ..could fabricate Russiagate, Ukrainegate, and now impose another regime change, but now of prosecute an enemy of the state ..who serves his own power interests, and not of the international Marxist parties in Washington and Brussels.who are part the Marxist Revolution.. started in Russia in the 19th century, but socially removed by Russia!

      Social the perfect description of what these fanatics in Washington and Brussels.have been doing in their perpetual economic, political and of course Military war crimes wars in the Middle East and now America enforce a police state Marxist revolution requiring subordinance to the interest of a global body of Aristocratic Elitist billionaires and any Freaks who want a cut of the action!

      It is this Social Engineering by Biden and his Marxist revolutionaries that incited the civil wars in not only the Ukraine , but the entire Middle East!

      Nancy Peloci, Nadler and Shiff are not trying to impeach Donald Trump ..they are attempting to do what ..they have done in Iraq, Syria , libya, Yemen, Venezuela etc etc destabilize America ..and induce a Civil War among the populace! These people are playing the part of the Marxist Revolutionary guards of the Russian Revolution from Dr. Chivago!

      With CNN and Mainstream Media.. they have their classic Police State propaganda machine..who have sold their criminal wars, elections and lies!

  4. I guess the nation’s founding father and first president George Washington was also an “unthinking” “imbecile” when uttering/writing the following: “Government is not reason, it is not eloquence,—it is force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.”
    The destruction of a country doesn’t “begin with the undermining of its governing institutions” as Mr. Theros asserts, it begins, and ends, with the undermining and the impoverishment of the American taxpayer who funds the colossal waste that is the military (industry) and it’s concomitant bases, foreign wars and “myriad” of parasitic agencies (i.e. CIA, NSA, DOD, etc.), and, lest we forget, the useless, do-nothing entourage of diplomats and ambassadors who are almost always party hacks, friends and donors of the respective President in office.
    If Mr. Theros “needs” a job, he may want to consider the private sector. The taxpayer “needs” a break!

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