Analysis: Sad but Expected

Jerry Dimitriou speaking at the Clergy Laity Congress on the Archdiocese in Philadelphia in July 2014 urging the parishes to increase their annual mandatory contributions to the Archdiocese. (Photo by TNH/Theodore Kalmoukos)

The recent arrest of former Executive Director of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America Jerry Dimitriou on charges of embezzlement of Archdiocesan funds and misuse of Archdiocese credit cards for personal use and expenses, was certainly sad but it was also expected.

Dimitriou was in charge of the administrative and financial affairs of the Archdiocese for 17 years before he was fired in 2017. He is charged with embezzling approximately five hundred thousand dollars, but …

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  1. What might be missing from all of this? It is easy to surmise after reading all the news articles and especially the press release from the Archdiocese addressing this issue, obviously written as a standard PR piece and undoubtedly vetted by an attorney. What is missing is Christian charity. Where is the Archbishop and other hierarchs and clergy asking the faithful to pray for the spiritual healing and well-being of Jerry Dimitriou’s soul and granting forgiveness?

    1. repanidi1908, orthodoxy2019, We Won’t Get Fooled Again and all those who will read and commend as well, J D posted in his social media: “Enough Said. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Appreciate the Love and Support. Game On !
      “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32
      Is it a game? If so, who are the players? Who will be justified at the end at what a cost for the damage done to human beings including himself and the church at large?
      I will attempt to give you some of my knowledge and estimation of the “SPIRITUAL SWAM” that we have become experiencing for many years that brought us to the state we are as a GOA church.
      My burning question that the Greek media and especially T. K. masterfully avoids to present besides his thorough accusations and explanations IS: Why did Archbp. Spyridon expelled Jerry Dimitriou from the Archdiocese? What wrongs and problems were then?
      While at the enthronement of Spyridon we were told by Geronda of Chalcedon who enthroned him, I was in the Altar of the Cathedral and was able to see the facial expression of Iakovos of blessed memory sitting on the solea, who heard and it was as a slap in his face: “This is the man that the Patriarchate trusts and he will be your new Archbishop.” We know the history thereafter and how the trusted man was backstabbed when the interests, the pressures from the Turkish government to let go a pro Greek and Cyprus Archbishop, one who had issues with “the black whole/μαυρη τρυπα”…

    1. “the black whole/μαυρη τρυπα” that constantly was demanding money to go East and of course the development of GOAL to fight and destroy him because he was becoming an obstacle to the modus Operanti of the mother church that can be summarized to one statement and they are masters at that: “survival at any cost!”
      While the Patriarch summoned the bishops in Constantinople and told them: “This is your Archbishop until he dies, go back and work with him,” he failed to conclude his sentence by saying, “and if you’re not willing to do this, then I want your resignations before you depart from Constantinople!” They came back and instead of uniting the Omogeneia, broke it up in thousand pieces.

  2. Last one out turn off the lights; these grifters had a really good run while it lasted but it’s coming to an end as there aren’t many suckers left to fleece.

    It was nice for their lackeys as well, the little people would be pressured to donate money and then your local Archon would bundle all of your hard earned money together and present it to the local Metropolitan or the Archbishop and have their picture put in the Orthodox Observer with their effusive thanks and accolades of how they are the “Best and the Brightest”!

    Meaning all of us are the “Second Rate and the Dim Witted” according to the church.

    1. “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”
      They have been warned. If these Archons who are the Best and Brightest of all of us want to give their money to this corrupt organization the joke is on them.
      I for one prefer to support my LOCAL Church and organizations that ACTUALLY do the work of our Lord.

    2. Indirectly, he gave them a green light, to return to America and as some where quoted on the Media: “We became a fist to fight the Archbishop.” Bravo Phanar and bravo Synodical bishops who with the help of GOAL managed to oust the “chosen man!” We have seen the deterioration of the GOA ever since.
      Everyone was excited and wanted a Harvard boy with prestige, “a pious man,” a great scholar but a mediocrity of an administrator etc.,
      My SECOND question then to all of us: “WHY DID Archbp. DEMETRIOS rehired Jerry Dimitriou?” Whose advise, interests and ultimate future intrigues were going to unfold?
      Jerry became the DOA and slowly but surely, the tyrant who ran the GOA and its affairs, while as he correctly noted to his revelatory letter, Demetrios knew everything, approved everything and ordered everything. Who is at fault for creating this monster? This “religious prerana,” that acted under no guidance or ruling from anyone. He knew too much, intimidated many and no one dared to challenge him, because conveniently he fulfilled the interests of many and WHY not, Himself as well.
      Thus, we finally have come to the findings of two embezzlements over half a million and more I promise you is to come.
      (more later)

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