What Will Happen Next November?

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

I grew up in a large extended family. My parents, aunts, and uncles were Greek immigrants, and overwhelmingly Democrats. Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy Democrats; not the kind of modern-day Democrats who might cancel exams and give their students coloring books and cuddle puppies because their candidate lost the election, or boycott a restaurant that still has ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ signs on the bathroom doors.

I became an avid political junkie around the time Ronald Reagan was elected. He was …

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  1. Hey Scaros.. sounds like we came from the same family.. and well stated!

    However, today,s Democrats and Republicans are simply one party ..with extremism and degenerate leadership that drinks from the same well of Aristocratic Marxist money …that now owns our government, Media to do what they only agree on raping the treasury of America ..to expand and take over the Economic , political , and military sovereignty of the world!

    The only disagreement between the two parties ..is who is going to own and control the world .. the historical Aristocracy of White supremacist racist ruling class of billionaire English subjects since 1776..called the Establishment, Deep State, or more affectionately described by the deplorable peasants of America .. the Swamp! You know the guys ..that ran slave labor to build their plantations, until they started a civil war, to protect their profit margins, and lost!

    Or is it going to be Billionaire Aristocrate Donald Trump and his aristocrats of Billionaires, now challenging the jobs of C.I.A., State dept, Justice dept, Congress, and Pentagon Marxist police state followers, who have been in control for hundreds of years!

    In either case.. the election in November are meaningless to 99% of Americans..since, the regime change wars against foreign countries and now the US, have demonstrated.that in the end, degenerates now decide who represents their interests!..

    Truman, Kennedy ..really no different than democrats today.!.

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