US Ambassador Pyatt Says Greece Still Safe Destination

US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt.(Photo by Eurokinissi/Giannis Panagopoulos)

ATHENS – Dismissing some media reports Greece is vulnerable to terrorist attacks, US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt said it’s safe to visit over the holiday season.

“Contrary to some erroneous press reports, the ⁦‪@USEmbassyAthens‬⁩ security notice is a standard holiday season State Department notice for European posts. In addition, Greece remains at travel advisory level 1: exercise normal precautions, the safest State Department designation,” Pyatt tweeted.

The US State Department regularly sends out advisories about levels of terrorism worries although apart from domestic groups targeting embassies, political headquarters and businesses there haven’t been attacks similar to those in London recently where a terrrorist released from jail stabbed people on the city’s famous bridge.

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  1. Thank you .Prime Minister and Regime Change war criminal Geoffrey Pyatt of Greece…for again advising the world that Greece, unlike, any other country who has not sold out their sovereingty to the Thugs of Washington and Nato .is a safe destination!

    U.S state department …now busy in collaborating another coup of the leadership of the independent countries of the world which depends on C.I.A , State department , Justice Department , and Media treason to now impose another regime change of the leadership of America!

    These are the only terrorist occupying Greece, and 80 other countries of the world ..including Syria, Iraq, libya, Yemen, etc etc…and now terrorizing Iran Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba, etc etc with economic, political , and military warfare to replica some of the most notorious organized crime families in world history Al Capone and murderers inc of the 1930’s

    This is hilarious . watching the Anglo White supremacist .of America tell Greeks that they are safe from terrorist attacks and from terrorism, when the number 1 country in world history for Mass Shootings of U./s and foreign citizens is the corrupt organized Crime families running the American government!

    Domestically…police killings and general mass murderers make the U.S a killing field for terrorist, and sociopathic made in America terrorist!

    Internationally,.. 22 million foreign citizens of the world have been killed, since, WW 2 due to terrorist from America!

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