Greece Denounces Turkey-Libya Maritime Deal in Mediterranean

FILE- A female Cypriot soldier on an armored pass in from of a Cyprus flag during a military parade marking the 59 years celebrations of independence in Nicosia in the divided island of Cyprus, Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019. (AP Photo/Petros Karadjias)

ATHENS – Coming after it claimed parts of the Aegean Sea belonging to Greece, Turkey’s deal with Libya setting boundaries in the Mediterranean drew fast fire from Greece which said it was “completely unacceptable.”

Greece’s Foreign Ministry summoned Turkish Ambassador Burak Ozugergin to explain, said Kathimerini, as the Libyan agreement came a day after Turkey sent to the United Nations its claims to to have maritime zones and a continental shelf west of the 28th meridian (south of Rhodes), ignoring the Dodecanese chain of islands.

The memorandum of understanding on the “delimitation of maritime jurisdictions” was signed in Constantinople by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj, the paper said.

“This means protecting Turkey’s rights deriving from international law,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said as his country stepped up maritime provocations after having already sent energy drill ships into Cyprus’ sovereign waters.

“The signing by Turkey and Libya of a memorandum of understanding cannot violate the sovereign rights of third countries,” ministry spokesman Alexandros Gennimatas said in a statement.

“Such an action would be a flagrant violation of the International Law of the Sea and would produce no legal effect,” he said, adding it would also “not be consistent with the principle of good-neighborliness, which should govern relations between neighboring states.”

Earlier, Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias described the agreement between Turkey and Libya was “beyond all reason.”
“Such an effort shows a complete lack of geographic knowledge, because it obviously ignores something that I think everyone can see – that between these two countries lies the large geographical land area of Crete,” Dendias said. “Any such effort verges on the ridiculous,” he added, the report also said.


  1. An Act Of War! If Turkey and Lybia are left to carve up the Mediterranean Sea in their favor, then any War Ships from these countries getting close to Kriti or other islands must be attacked. But No Greek politician has the balls, will call NATO, US, Etc. Why have a Military if you even in dire times won’t use it? These are defensive maneuvers not gains,

  2. Where are the “Glory to America and Israel” Greek Secret Societies of Manatos boys , Ahepan Robert Menendez, Diamataris and TNH, Geoffry Pyatt .. and of course the honorable Endy Zemenides … of the fraudulent Hellenic organization who are simply used stooges and fronts for the interests of corrupt Aristocrats funding the State Department and U.S government to represent only the Interests of degenerate Aristocrats running America, and Israel which included the take over of the energy business of Cyprus and Greece..called the Mediterranean Partnership!

    Today, this group made up of Mobsters or officially known as Marxist, Fascist and radical Christian and Jewish religious fanatics and as extremist, as the best Saudi Islamic religiuou jihadist like ISIS and AL Queda.. with the common purchase to slaughter anybody who gets in ther waw and are busy overthrowing the countries of Bolivia, Venezuela, Iran, Syria etc their corporate and Private Billionaire club..who exclusively own most of the U.S congress ..and Mainstream Media CNN Fox News etc etc!

    What bring us to this point, where , Edrogan can blatantly violate international laws with any one of 5 tribal jihadist claimed rulers of libya..all courtesy of the Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama war crimes slaughter of the country of libya..which removed the legitimate government of libya, with these degenerates beholding to U.S and Turkey? different than Trump and Netanyahue!

    1. cont.
       U.S.President Donald Trump’s decision for the U.S. military to withdraw from Syria, or more accurately, relocate from northern Syria to the oilfields in the east, as well as his complacency as Turkey commits “war crimes and ethnic cleansing” against the Syrian Kurdish minority.

      Trump ignoring the Geneva Convention, the Rome Statute, the UN Security Council, the UN General Assembly and the International Court of Justice, Donald Trump decided that Israel’s unlawful construction of Jewish settlements in occupied Palestinian territory is lawful.

      This policy change is part of Trump’s and Ahepan Robert Menendez pattern of seeking to legalize illegal Israeli practices. It panders to Israel at the expense of the Palestinians while aiming to burnish Trump’s bona fides with his Christian Zionist base.

      Christian Broadcasting Network quoted Jack Graham, pastor of the megachurch Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, as saying that the Trump administration “once again has demonstrated why evangelical Christians have been unwavering in their support.” This is the church of Christians…. which many of the anti -Greek Orthodox readers of TNH ..would like the Archdiocese of our church increase church attendance in our Greek Orthodox church!

      But the best example of why and how Edrogan can violate all international laws and commit war crimes was expressed by Edrogan in responding to…

  3. cont..

    .in responding to the War criminal Macron’s comment ..that Nato does not support Turkey invasion of Syria …and Edrogan responded with truth… that Brain dead Macron has been supporting in Syria ..terrorist proxy armies , including the Kurds ..who are considered Terrorist war criminals!

    You and me Pavlo are the problem ..not because we write about what TNH and there criminal Greek Secret Societies of Aristocratic cults fail to write about …but because we cannon stop the reality ..that our government is an International Police State enforcing laws that benefit Corporate and Private billionaires, and oppress and demean the rights of the citizens of the world!

    What do you expect from a country ..that has broken every international laws in violating the territorial integrity of every sovereign nation of the world .. and currently occupies with 850 bases over 80 countries of the world!

    A Gross Empire that does even hide their atrocities, because they are white supremacist Aristocrats who consider the general populace as inferior and stupid people unable to comprehend there lies!

    This is the new world order …of the Media.. which in the end the number 1 war criminal and collaborator to Tyranny.. that is rapidly going to come out into the open, as more and more citizens begin to realize .. that America has never been a democracy..only an employment agency for Aristocrats in America.. to exploit it citizens money!

  4. UK has been pumping deep sea, North Sea oil over 40+ years, Greek leaders have sat on their a** these past 40 years,
    they bankrupted the country, ran us Young Greeks off to foreign lands, filled the country with Islamists, and now they will lose most of Greece’s maritime borders and treasures. Erdogan is a war criminal and he should be tried as such at the ICJ.Greek leaders should be held accountable for dereliction of duty to the nation, they were inept.They knew the oil was there, yet, they did not train a workforce to exploit the resource,nor, did they bring in the UK to exploit the resource and have the safeguards and resources of the UK government for UK companies abroad.. inept.

  5. Hey Young Greek.. what do you call Donald Trump of U.S with UK invasion of Iraq and Syria and crossed the borders without permission from the Syrian and Iraqi Government, and has simply taken over the Oil fields of Syria and Iraq,.which reportedly has been in there control with Kurds for over 4 years and used to smuggle oil and gas thru Turkey which was sold to help fund there proxy terrorist jihadist mercenaries to take control of the country of Syria?

    They are called War Crimes and Crimes against humanity..which Journalist Julian Assage has provided all he evidence needed to hang them for their crimes like those imposed on the German Nazi’s by the Nuremberg Tribunals of 1945!

    What do you call Netanyahue and Trump.who brutally slaughter thousands of Palestinians, while the illegally take over territory that by international laws are the property of the Palestinians!…

    What do you call.Netanyahue and Trump.who almost daily bomb citizens in Syria to protect there Terrorist proxy armies.and then violate another International Law of the World remove themselves from the occupied Golan Heights with oil reserves and return it to the people of Syria!

    Hey Young Greek, the only exploitation of Greek borders and resources have already been done by the U.S led Nato with Turkey!

    Silly Greek, the judges of the International Criminal Court have already been threatened with harm,.if they continue to proceed with War crimes charges against US, Uk and Israel!

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