North Macedonia Upset Over Greece’s Macedonia is Great Campaign

The trademark logo of Greek products from the Macedonia. (Photo by Eurokinissi/ Yiorgos Konstantinidis)

SKOPJE, N. Macedonia- North Macedonia’s government isn’t happy that Greece has laughed, with a snazzy logo, a Macedonia the GReat campaign to promote products in the real Macedonia in Greece, as Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis still hasn’t moved as promised to get Greece’s neighbor to stop calling its goods as Macedonian too.

The dilemma got more confused after Mitsotakis attended an event kicking off the Macedonia is Great program as it happened before he met North Macedonia’s Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to give Greece’s support for that country’s hopes of beginning European Union accession talks being blocked by opposition from France and other countries.

The problem began after the former ruling Radical Left SYRIZA in 2018 signed a deal to change the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to North Macedonia – giving away the name of the real Macedonia – to end a name dispute.

That began in 1991 when the government of Mitsotakis’ father, the now late former Premier Constantinos Mitsotakis, allowed the country emerging from the collapse of Yugoslavia to take the name Macedonia in the acronym FYROM.

That was supposed to be temporary but after successive FYROM governments began claiming Greek lands, culture, history, culture and even Alexander the Great before rolling that back as prt f the deal, Greece had vetoed the country’s hopes of getting into NATO and the EU.

Former premier and SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras lifted those obstacles, paving the way fort the new North Macedonia to get into NATO but now blocked from the EU for now and with Mitsotakis saying he wants companies in that country to stop calling their products as Macedonian.

North Macedonia news reports said the government there is chiding Greece and for it said was undermining the spirit of the so-called Prespes Agreement, named for the lake bordering both countries where it was signed.
Macedonia the GReat – the GR emphasizing it’s Greece – was launched at an event Nov. 14 with Mitsotakis and the President of the Greek Exporters Association (SEVE) Giorgos Kostantopoulos. The new logo represents a range of products from the Greek prefecture including wine and other produce but it does nothing to keep North Macedonia companies from doing the same.

Mitsotakis said at the launch that “producers in Macedonia will embrace” the logo so that northern Greek professionals “could establish a unified collective identity, making products of Macedonia stand out from now on..”
He said said that the logo would be submitted to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) for registration so that it may be “added to Macedonian products and services across the world” – but they will still be in competition with North Macedonia products called Macedonian.

North Macedonia’s government believes that it should have been informed in advance of Greece’s intention to use the slogan in the spirit of “mutual trust,” said the Australian site and paper Neos Kosmos of the flap.

“We appreciate that these issues must be approached through dialogue and with the counsel of specialists in issues relating to the use of trade names, trade marks and their protection. This unilateral approach could have undermined and had a negative effect on all that has been achieved between the two countries so far,” North Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry said.

Mitsotakis later said his government, while supporting North Macedonia’s hopes of joining the EU would insist on the agreement being followed to the letter but there was no report on whether he would keep his promise to first insure that country stops labeling products as Macedonian.


  1. Not nearly as offended as I am a Greek at SDSM taking a blind eye to ongoing violations by prominent Skopian organizations like VMRO, UNITED MACEDONIA Diaspora, MHRMI, Macedonian World Congress, MINA, and many many others who continue to use the name “Republic of Macedonia”, continue to try to link themselves to ancient Macedonians, and continue to use that claim to insinuate 1/3 of Greece belongs to Skopjians.

    Despite leftist media narratives, Prespa is clearly already a failure. Fifth columnists on the Greek leftist agreed to it, against the will of the vast majority of the Greek people, in the face of obvious evidence large numbers of Skopians would defy their own elected government and ignore the agreement.

    The Greek left (and even some of the alleged right – see pseudo-Greek liberals that work at Ekathimerini) bizarrely pretend Skopians have stopped promoting irredentism to cover up their shame of supporting Prespa. The Greek left, quite literally, have taken the sides of Skopian irredentists, Greek leftists are betraying Greece like they did during the Greek civil war . The collectivist cowards are undermining the security of their own country and the very existence of the Greek people because they lack the courage to condemn rampant antihellenism among Skopian’s foreign apologists. who themselves lack the integrity to admit they made a mistake recognizing Skopjians as “Macedonians”..

    1. @Vlach

      Why do you think Vlach speakers identify under so many different ethnic groups Herc? Modern Vlach speakers are a mix of Greeks, Albanians, Slavs, Romanians, Romans, and who knows how many more people . Vlach isn’t an ethnic group It’s a language spoken by many different ethnic groups like English is spoken by people around the world.

    1. Because after 2000 or so years, mainly 1500 years, you are probably also a slav , and probably also an Albanian, and a vlach, and who knows what else, with a modern mongrelized version of a language and culture due to all these people migrating into Greece and evolving it. Including some of the Slavs that were transported to Bithynia and assimilated as Greeks from the Peloponnese after it was reconquered by the Byzantines after 200 or so years after they arrived there, which were later transported back to Greece with the population exchanges in the last century, who are now probably saying, “Since when did we need permission from the northern slavs to use our own name on our own products?”

    2. @Vlach (aka Skopian fraud pretending to be vlach)

      Everyone in the world, including Vlachs, Albanians, Slavs are racially impure you patronizing antihellenic bigot. I would also point our language has far more to do with ancient Greek than modern English does with old English. Do you equally claim France and Sweden have dibs on English history? Bet not.

      Antihellenic trolls like you don’t even ask basic questions like if Skopians now claim to be descedents of the founders of the HELLENISTIC PERIOD why pray tell would they be antihellenic? Calling them “Macedonians” is like claiming Hamas are the original Israelites.

    3. @niko

      Due to Skopian propaganda, most of the idiots that took Skopians side in the name dispute don’t even know Skopje isn’t the homeland of ancient Macedonians. It’s the homeland of the ancient Paeonians. Macedonia is located squarely in Greece. They patronizing idiots lecture us about history and then don’t even know basics about the actual location of ancient Macedon,

    4. @Vlach

      Why do you think Vlach speakers identify under so many different ethnic groups Herc? Modern Vlach speakers are a mix of Greeks, Albanians, Slavs, Romanians, Romans, and who knows how many more people . Vlach isn’t an ethnic group It’s a language spoken by many different ethnic groups like English is spoken by people around the world.

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