Pyatt at Thessaloniki Summit: “Energy Collaboration the Brightest Aspect of Greece-U.S. Relations”

US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt.(Photo by Eurokinissi/Giannis Panagopoulos)

THESSALONIKI- US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt spoke of ”the collaboration on energy is one of the brightest aspects of the relationship between Greece and the US,” while addressing the Thessaloniki Summit 2019 on Thursday, which he is attending for a third time.

Pyatt underlined that US presence in northern Greece is much more apparent compared to previous years, as “we have made the city of Alexandroupolis our strategic focus,” and he referred to the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), the Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB) and the Floating Storage Regasification Unit (FSRU) of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as the three elements that make the northern Greek city so significant.

He especially praised TAP’s potential for “changing Europe’s energy map and bringing non-Russian gas to European customers.”

Pyatt then mentioned that there is at least one reliable US investor company group that has shown great interest in the privatization prospects of the port of Alexandroupolis.

On the upcoming Thursday evening meeting between Prime Minister Mitsotakis and North Macedonia Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on the sidelines of the summit, Pyatt said that “we welcome the attention Mitsotakis and his government have paid towards the full implementation of the Prespes Agreement, and unlockinig the fantastic potential for Greek investments, businesses and exports.”

On Turkey, Pyatt noted that “one would be hard pressed to find two nations more aligned on the Turkish issue than Greece and the US.”

Finally, on the migration crisis, he said that “it is not a Greek, but a European issue.”


  1. Pyatt, the collaborator with Joe Biden in the coup of the Ukrainian government to take over the energy industry of the Ukraine… like Burismo, and to wage war on Russia and China or any other threat to the economic , political and military control of the world by the Aristocracy of Elitist billionaires who now own the entire governments of the U.S and EU Vassal states and impose a Marxist Police State of rule over their Annexed countries!
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    The problem with Donny… is he simply, wants to replace these Tyrants ..with his own!

    Pyatt.. is simply a C.I.A and State department operative who are the current deep State mob franchise to commit regime change wars and to wage war on Russia.and China ..the only obstacles to their Global plans!

    Pyatt ..the ruler of Greece.exposes Mistotakis false lies of creating a relationship with Russia and China which includes economic cooperation when, really, he deceives Greeks to somehow believe that Greece is a sovereign nation! an SS Nazi lunatic, does not hide his war plans on Russia and China.

    When he praises “TAP’s potential for “changing Europe’s energy map and bringing non-Russian gas to European customers.”

  2. Cont..

    Geoffrey Pyatt a war criminal with HIllary Clinton in destroying the country of libya, Syria, and more directly, in taking over the government of the Ukraine by installing with Joe Biden, a bunch of Neo Nazi Oligarks to take over the energy industry of the Ukraine also stop buying oil and gas from Russia!

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    What is really sick, and how sociopathic he is his complete confidence, that Greeks and the rest of Europe are so stupid, inferior, and completely impotent to respond to a dellusional ideological Nazi SS officer advising them, that the war on Russia and enemies of Geoffrey Pyatt.. like Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, etc is going well..while Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Ukraine, all Pyatts friends and occupied by U.S bases continue to serve Pyatt wars!

    Pyatt and the U.S marxist police state, not reported by TNH.. have only a 24% favorable rating among the Greek populace,while Russia is favorably perceived by over 50 % of the Greek population according to international Pew Polls!

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    1. cont.

      However, State Department SS officer Geoffrey Pyatt. and worshiped by fraudulent ” the Glory to America and Israel” Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons and Hellenic organizations confesses ..

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      “That the migration crisis “it is not a Greek, but a European issue.”

      Of course, Geoffrey, .how silly for me to believe .. that the interests of Greece are important to you or your vassal tyrants in Brussel! Only the Russian issue..should be an issue of Greeks!

      Of course ..Greece has no rights to determine how best to protect its citizens, and countries sovereignty! Unlike Orban of Hungary..who with 4 other rebel EU countries closed all borders to further migration ..the corrupt Mistotakis and the new ruling parties of Greece.. remain subserviant to the edicts of a bunch of Aristocrtic Elitist Marxist ..who rule the U.S and EU!

      How pathetic listen to Pyatt.. a Clinton appointee and C.I.A operative and part of the state dept contribution to impeach Donald Trump for doing what they did not do …send troops to the borders of Mexico and stop a migration invasion, which did not need approval from foreign tyrants!

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