Programs and Events at the Maliotis Cultural Center

The Maliotis Cultural Center amphitheater in Brookline was filled to capacity for the Greek Letters celebration on Sunday, January 27. (Photo by TNH/Theodore Kalmoukos)

BOSTON – The Maliotis Cultural Center, continuing its long standing tradition, has planned a number of high quality programs and cultural events for the next few weeks.

Seeking to move forward as an outstanding cultural institution it has recruited young men and women from Boston universities to develop and present its program. The president of the Board of Directors, Professor Philippos Seraphim, told The National Herald that “with this team the Center is in the process of organizing high quality Greek …

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  1. Wow. Silence until the puff piece, with a definitely one sided presentation, a few weeks ago concerning the lawsuit and then, all of a sudden, another puff piece extolling the programs at the Maliotis Center.

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