Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria Dared to Do the Right Thing

Deputy Foreign Minister for Greeks Abroad Antonis Diamataris with His Beatitude Theodoros Patriarch of Alexandria. (Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


His Beatitude Patriarch Theodoros of Alexandria dared and he made the correct decision by recognizing the new Autocephalous Orthodox Church of Ukraine Eucharisticaly, first by commemorating Metropolitan Epiphanios’ name in the Diptychs during the Patriarchal Divine Liturgy in Cairo at the Church of the Archangels in Dahir, where Egypt’s largest Arabic-speaking Orthodox community lives, and then through an official letter and announcement.

Patriarch Theodoros followed the example of Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece. Theodoros delayed a little to make …

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  1. Brother,

    This article is dishearteningly uncharitable and soaked in ethnophyletism (Hellenic ethnophyletism is no better than muscovite). This is propaganda and not a clear representation of the truth.

    Our brothers and sisters in Christ are those Orthodox Christians of all nations, not just the Greek speaking ones.
    Let us pray for the proper healing of schisms in the Church.

    May the Lord bless us all,


  2. It has been surmised that the Greek speaking churches will agree with Constantinople. It remains to be seen what Jerusalem and Albania do. Wiser, and cooler, heads have called for a council to discuss the controversy and settle the dispute. The Serbs certainly won’t go with the Greeks but it remains to be seen what Antioch and the other autocephalous churches will do.
    The scandal is that because Constantinople and Moscow are not in communion then whichever church sides with one or the other cannot be in communion with one another. Thus, Alexandria cannot be in communion with Moscow or any other church that remains in communion with Moscow.
    It is not entirely clear what is happening in Greece. Several of the most respected, and conservative, metropolitans have openly disagreed with the archbishop.

  3. This article is a joke. I am Greek by all four grandparents and the actions of the Greek Church and it’s hyper-nationalism disgust me. Black Bart is playing games with Ukrainian oligarchs and Uniat politicians and lining his own deep pockets every step of the way. The Greek Church is moribund in Greece and the US while the Russian Church thrives all over the world. Black Bart should fall to his knees and repent of the Judas kiss he gave to Metropolitan Onuphry.

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