PM Mitsotakis, Chinese President Xi Jinping tour Cosco’s facilities

PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis and President Xi Jinping, toured Cosco's facilities in Piraeus. (Photo by Eurokinissi)

ATHENS- The Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the President of the People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping, toured Cosco’s facilities at Neo Ikonio Peramatos in Piraeus, at the Piraeus Container Terminal, on Monday afternoon, accompanied by their spouses Mareva Grabowski-Mitsotaki and Peng Liyuan.

The two statesmen received a warm welcome by workers at Cosco, who were holding Chinese and Greek flags.

PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis and President Xi Jinping, toured Cosco’s facilities in Piraeus. (Photo by Eurokinissi)

Mitsotakis and Xi Jinping attended speeches by both the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy Giannis Plakiotakis and Cosco President Xu Lirong, which both emphasized the merits of a successful collaboration in view of the further upgrading of Piraeus port, and were also shown two high-speed cargo trains by Cosco’s president, as they were about to begin their journey towards Europe, carrying dozens of containers.

The two men also spoke with four Greek employees at the Piraeus Port Authority (OLP) about their work there.

PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis and President Xi Jinping, toured Cosco’s facilities in Piraeus. (Photo by Eurokinissi)
PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis and President Xi Jinping, toured Cosco’s facilities in Piraeus. (Photo by Eurokinissi)


  1. Please be kind to Greece’s new owners. And remember May 1st and the People, not March 25th. The Kinezi will clean your clock in Piraeus and elsewhere. It’s their last port stop through Suez and rail to Europe and 4 billion more people for their Ring Road maritime silk route. Greeks will be slaves yet again.

    1. Spiro..the mental therapist for the Glory to America and Israel..Greek Secret Societies of Masons worries about the old owners!

      Mistotakis and Diamataris.lie for their Aristocracy of the privileged Oligarks criminals who own the U.S EU, and Greek governments by creating an illusion of Greece as a sovereign nations promoting a relationship with Russia or China, and not just exclusively owned by the Global Marxist now running the U.S opposed by 75% of the population of Greece and have an unfavorable view of their current owners. the U.S

      U.S War department Secretary Espers expresses the only bridge Greece can build is with Washington.“Our National Defense Strategy emphasizes that our principal concern is to counter China’s and Russia’s sovereign independence, its growing regional and global influence,it economic, financial, military and technological development!

      China and Russia, are invented enemies of Global Tyrants of America because they have not surrendered their sovereignty to promote their economic interests and free trade with Greece, and infringes on the Global plans of Degenerates to control all the economic, political , and military sovereignty of the Greece!

      Mistotakis and Diamataris have made Greece front and center in advancing U.S goals, not Greek goals!

      Today, they continue to add U.S bases, sell off the Macedonian Culture to provide another U.S base in North Macedonia, hand over the oil and gas resources to Exxon Mobile!

  2. cont..
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