Greece Can Serve as a Bridge Between East and West, Greek President Says Ahead of Chinese Counterpart’s Visit

President of the Hellenic Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Stelios Misinas)

ATHENS- Greece can serve as a bridge between East and West, Greek President Prokopios Pavlopoulos said on Saturday in an interview to China-based newspaper ‘People’s Daily’ ahead of Sunday’s arrival in Greece of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“Greece can contribute to the mutual understanding of China and the EU,” he added.

Relations between Greece and China have been given a boost by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ recent visit to Shanghai, he said, but have acquired a strategic nature as of 2006.

Referring to China-based Cosco, major shareholder at the Piraeus Port Authority and the container terminal there, Pavlopoulos said that the project stands for the mutually beneficial relationship of the two countries. “On our side, Greece has become a transportation hub for products, while China has acquired access to the markets of the Balkans and the European Union,” he said.

The Greek president also noted the role Piraeus plays in China’s Belt and Road Initiative to connect all overland and maritime routes in trade and development, and spoke to the People’s Daily of the role global economy has in “reducing to the greatest degree possible the distances between countries and peoples, therefore economies as well.”

Greeks, he said, understand and appreciate the role of cultural dialogue, and respect the culture of other countries. The two countries, he added, understand the important role culture can play in bridging differences between peoples.

Expressing admiration for the achievements of China in recent years, particularly in reforms and in fighting poverty domestically, Pavlopoulos said the President Xi Jinping is a world leader who has led China to become proud of its achievements. Based on its size and the wealth of its human capital, he said, China has achieved high growth rates and taken global initiatives that place it at the center of current events.


  1. Leo Strauss and his mentor George Anastoplo, as well as Edith Hamilton, believed Athens and Jerusalem were neither East not West, but the synthetic dialectic bridge of world civilization. Bernstein’s Splendid Exchange shows Sparta got its wheat from Sicily, begetting Rome, while Athens got its wheat from Scythia, begetting Russia. When Phillip, Alexander’s father, wanted to strangle Athens, Freeman shows he took Byzantium to choke off Scythian wheat. Indeed, the Jovan ancestors of Attic Athenians came from Scythia. King David had red hair because he was Scythian and the term Askenazi is cognate with Scythian. The Slavs and Celts share Scythian lineage.

  2. TNH and MSM do what they do best.lie for their Aristocracy of the Privileged oligarchs and war criminals who own the U.S and EU governments, by creating an illusion of Greece as a sovereign nations promoting a relationship with Russia or China to have any Economic, Political or Military relationship with the people of Greece!.

    U.S War department Secretary Espers expresses the only bridge Greece can build is only with Washington. …“Our National Defense Strategy emphasizes that our principal concern is to counter China’s and Russia’s sovereign independence, its growing regional and global influence,it economic, financial, military and technological development!

    While China and Russia …and most of the know world are now invented enemies of America because they have not surrendered their sovereignty to promote economic, political , and military policies which infringe on the Global domination plans of the degenerate white supremacist aristocracy of the U.S government ..who have replaced Adolph Hitler believing they are the only superior race capable of running the world, Greece is front and center in advancing and supporting their goals ..against Russia and China!

    Today, Pavlopoulos and Greece, have supported the perpetual wars and regime change policies of the U.S and help build bridges to taking over the countries of Iraq, Afganistan, libya, Yemen, lebanon, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, Somalia, North Korea, Russia , China , and of course ..

  3. cont.

    Greece’s greatest embarrassment is scandalously ignoring the Turkish and U.S invasion of Syria..which has killed thousands of civilians, occupied lands of Syria, and blatantly have been occupying and smuggling oil and gas from the legitimate owner of the oil and gas fields of the people of Syria, and economically starving them of needed energy resources to fight the terrorist, that both Turkey and U.S have fraudulently declared they are fighting!
    The corrupt Greek government ..thru and thru.. then supports not only economic sanctions against the people of Syria, but enforces with EU economic oil embargo of oil going out of and comming into Syria! Additionally, the support , which even Tsipras would not do .. the economic sanctions and oil embargo of Venezuela oil starve there, people , like Syria to surrender their elected leaders to Greece’s masters, the EU and U.S Marxists, and replace them with people like Pavlopoulos , chosen by U.S.
    Sort of what U.S did to Greece in 1967..and led to Junta!
    Additionally, Greece as been a loyal servant of American foreign also honoring economic sanctions invented enemies of America…Iran, Iraq, Syria, Russia, Venezuela, etc, none of whom are enemies of Greece!

    So what is Greece going to bridge with China..when Robert Menendez.. comes calling and tells them .. they must again wage economic warfare on China..or anybody Greece claims to building bridges with?

    Build more U.S bases


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