Letter to the Editor: Thanks but No Thanks for Georgakas’ Article

Dear Dan:

Thank you for your article on Climate Change dated September 28. You mention the “Paris Accord” and I was hoping to hear more on this subject in your article. The reason for Trump’s withdrawl from this body was not that Climate Change was a “hoax,” but because the USA was getting HOSED while our major manufacturing competitors, and certainly, the greatest polluters of the world, China and India, would be permitted to take 25 and 30 years respectively to meet the new standards. These Paris Accord Standards would require the USA to meet them immediately. This was a very unfavorable deal for U.S. Manufacturing and our Economy!  Obama believed that this was a great deal for our Country and for the Universe. This is also what President Obama said during the last Presidential Campaign. “The jobs that we lost are not coming back. I cannot wave a magic wand and bring those jobs back to the USA.” He was wrong because President Trump has and is bringing many of those jobs back. But to get back to the Paris Accord, the rest of the story was that President Trump was to give the Paris Accord Organization, One Billion USA Dollars to fund the organization and for operating funds. Yes, the good old USA shall pay this sum, while the Rest of the World, (194 countries) pay NOTHING. Prof. Dan does that sound familiar? The USA was the “Koroitho” aka fool then, but I can tell you now, nobody is going to “hose” the USA while Trump is our President.

Chris M. Saros

Denver, CO


  1. Bravo and thank you for your response Mr. Saros and thanks be to God for President Trump. It’s about time the USA stood up to the rest of the world, rather than be its “patsy!”

  2. Well said, Mr. Saros! It is true that addressing climate conditions is important, and there is a point to be made on us being the world’s leader in that respect. But, as you correctly point out, not at the expense of not being the world’s leader in manufacturing and in overall economic prowess.

    There are many things vital to securing our long-term well-being. Let us not assume that fresh air and clean water are the only two.

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