A Correct Decision

The Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Christos Bonis)

The recent decision of the Ecumenical Patriarchate to call for financial audits in the metropolises, archdioceses, and monasteries of its ecclesiastical jurisdictions throughout the world – as the National Herald reported in last week’s edition – was correct and necessary.

Such a decision was imperative and I would even argue that the Patriarchate should not have delayed making it because in many cases the hierarchs consider the metropolises as their own private companies – they …

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    1. And when is a financial Audit of the Patriarch and his buddies in Constantinople to be initiated ..and provided to the faithful?

      Of course ..how derelict has it been ..in not auditing the financial status of the operating branches of the Greek Orthodox Church..like North America in the past!

      However… Bart.. who has politicized and exposed himself as just another corrupt follower of the State department of the corrupt U.S government ..who embarrasses himself in being best friends with corrupt oligarchs ..like Ukrainian Neo Nazi leader..Victor Porchenko, who recently was deposed by 80 % of the population of Ukraine, and now facing indictment charges for bribery, money laundering and corruption with guess who .another friend of Barts and the Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Mason. Joe Biden and his Son Hunter!

      Victor.is one of those mob figures who is fully connected to the corrupt Energy and Gas institutions of the Ukraine and Burismo, the one that Donnie was investigating and makes the connection between Geoffrey Pyatt, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and the corrupt government of the Ukraine.for rewarding Joe and his son to a 1 million dollar contract for the good work they did in overthrowing the government of the Ukraine!

      The only reason ,Bart is doing this now is to reestablish his authority over the Orthodox church, since, over 100 Orthodox leaders in Eastern Europe and Middle East have united against him and support the Orthodox church of Moscow! .

    2. In concept a correct decision. But the Patriarch has shown himself to be the most corrupt of them all. The Fox is truly guarding the hen house.

    3. So, we have our American entities, incorporated under US law, being audited by a Turkish cleric and veteran of the Turkish Army, whose patriarchate is controlled by the Turkish Ministry of Civil Works.

      Yeah, right. This is why we are a laughable, corrupt mess with negative results in everything we touch.

      The “ audit” will reveal that some of the St. Nicks money was diverted to pay the “dues” owed to the patriarchate.

      What is Bart going to do then? Return the money?

      A clown show, top to bottom.

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