Another AHEPA Chapter Reactivated in District Six

Left to right: Past District Governor Demi Pamboukes, Treasurer Steve Ramerini, Louis Tsunis, George Koutsoukos, Andrew Raia, Paul Macropoulos, Argyris Argitakos, Anastasios Stampolis, Fr. Lou Nicholas, Chad Lupinacci, Gus Kapassakis, Mike Kontonicolas, Chapter President Edwin Rivera, Bobby Gemelas, Mike Selvaggio, Chris Homenides, Secretary Dennis Lichas, Ari Mendrinos, Spiro Neokleous, and Chapter Vice President Nick Monogioudis. Photo: Argyris Argitakos

GREENLAWN, NY – Over the last few years, AHEPA has spread its membership wings throughout New York, the Empire State, inspiring Hellenism and brotherhood. Shrine 500 was reactivated and became the latest chapter to join the Empire State Family. The reactivation occurred on September 27 at St. Paraskevi Church in Greenlawn.

The impressive ceremony is part of a district-wide blueprint to spread the AHEPA logo to every community throughout the state. The goals from the very beginning were ambitious, but the district leadership continues to achieve results. District leaders from nearby chapters gathered to support the reactivation.

A press release declared: “Congratulations Shrine 500, may you enjoy years of success, health and happiness, as AHEPA journeys to its 100th Anniversary in 2022.”

Left to right: AHEPA Shrine 500 Chapter Vice President Nick Monogioudis, President Edwin Rivera, and Louis Tsunis. Photo: Bobby Gemelas
AHEPA Shrine 500 Chapter President Edwin Rivera. Photo: Bobby Gemelas