Joseph the Hesychast, America’s Νew Saint

(Photo: GOARCH)

NEW YORK – The faithful of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America glorify God as they receive with great joy the news from Mount Athos and our spiritual father, His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, who announced the forthcoming canonization of four Athonite fathers: Elders Ieronymos of Simonopetra, Daniel Katounakiotis, Joseph the Hesychast and Ephraim Katounakiotis.

The First Monastic Synaxis of the Archdiocese of America that convened at the Holy Monastery of Saint Nektarios, Roscoe, NY., on Sept. 21-22 dedicated the next monastic meeting under the theme: “The spiritual heritage of Geron Joseph the Hesychast and his contribution to Orthodox Monasticism in America.” The second Synaxis will take place Oct. 9-11, 2020 at the Holy Monastery of the Life Giving Spring, the Mother of God, in Fresno, California.

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America, commenting on the forthcoming canonization of Elder Joseph, the Hesychast, said:

“We are grateful to our Patriarch and spiritual father because he proved once again that he knows how to listen to the feelings of his flock. We are especially blessed in America because the founder of monasticism here, Elder Ephraim, made sure that he would bring us the sacred skull of Elder Joseph, who is also his spiritual father. I look forward to the time when I will visit Arizona and venerate this relic, and it would be the relic of a saint of our Church in America”.

Source: GOARCH


  1. Oh boy, here we go. Monks ,monks and more monks. Then tell America that they are American saints. This is really bizarre.

    1. Excuse me, His Eminence is not calling them American saints – they’re illumined in Theosis, Greek Orthodox monks, now recognized as Saints by the faithful in America… what’s wrong with that?

      God bless Elder Ephraim in Arizona for phenomenal work he’s done – go read his books, Elder Joseph’s book & Kyriacos Markides books on his travels to Mount Athos & Arizona monastery before complaining about “monks, monks & more monks”.
      Fact is: majority of Saints recorded in 2,000 years have been monastic, male & female, but yes married Saints happened too.
      Truth is, Saints exist everywhere without our ever knowing it.
      Axios to the 4 canonized!

    2. We are not monks, we live in modern parishes, coping with family life and all its obligations. If you want monks, monks, and more monks, the go to a monastery—and stay there. Ephraim does nothing for me or my parish life, in fact, he divides parishes by introducing this monastic vs.parish pastor dual authority contradiction.. The monasteries need to stay far away from parishes. Kyriakou’s books, while interesting, have nothing to do with my parish life. Monks don’t raise families and live in a modern world. They don’t work to support themselves and the monasteries. The state supports them. They are mendicants who parade around various icons and pocket the cash. They hold nothing for me or my salvation. Plus, it’s not clear at all who supervises them, who they answer to, or what they teach. Funny how in two thousand years, there isn’t a married American parish priest as a saint. It’s a closed club of celebrates or wannabes . And a really weird one at that.

  2. RetiredCPA you are 1000% correct. You can smell the Ephraimite cult in the post attacking your comments. Our Parishes are divides, damaged and now polluted with heresies thanks to the Monasteries of Elder Ephraim and his blind followers. So what does the Church do…… why it makes Elder Ephraim’s “spiritual father” a Saint!!!! We have now started closing Parishes. What will history tell us? It will tell us that those charged with protecting us, our Faith and our Church have sold themselves to the fundamentalist Ephraimites who are distorting our Faith and actively destroying our Church. Thank you RetiredCPA for your courage to post.

  3. Without these Monasteries and holy Gerondas (Elders) are Faith would be dead and we along with them would be lost souls! These are living examples of the Holy Bible by living a life of constant and ceaseless prayer (saying Jesus Prayer etc) and reaching Theosis (holiness). Today’s modern churches have bishops, priest, and lay people who are Freemasons and have become involved with the Ecumenical movement, which distorts the True and unadulterated Faith. Glory be to God for these Monasteries and these monastics which pray for EVERYONE in the world! Lord Jesus Christ Have Mercy On Us!

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