Don’t Count on Trump for Greece

American military convoy stops near the town of Tel Tamr, north Syria, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019. (AP Photo/Baderkhan Ahmad)

Many, perhaps a plurality of Greek-Americans support President Trump, even to the point of treating him as a cult-like figure that can do no wrong. They have every right to their views for whatever reason. However, after the events of the last two weeks, I would hope none are so delusional as to believe that Trump would deter Erdogan should he provoke a crisis with Greece and Cyprus. Erdogan has achieved in Northern Syria his first step in righting the …

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    1. So Niko .. do you support the continued efforts of the fraudulent Greek Secret Societies of Ahepan Masons, Hellenic Associations, and TNH media collaborators like Diamataris and Davelos..the ministers of the propaganda and public relations fraud for Mistotakis, the ruling parties of Greece, Greek Aristocratic Elitist and oligarchs and the corrupt government of America in taking over Greece and Cyprus and the rest of the independent countries of the world to take over their economic, political , and military sovereignty!

      Will you continue to support Patrick Theros and Geoffrey Pyatt…state department Clinton and Obama Marxist followers and nothing more than Gangsters and mobsters ..using the tactics of Mob crime families of Chicago 1930’s tactics to take over the legitimate businesses!

      Do you support .a country that uses tactics based on “Advising legitimate business owners that they needed to be put under the protection of the mob, because there were dangerous people in the neighborhood who would harm them! All the business had to do was to ..pledge allegiance to these mobsters, turn over control of the operations of the business to them ..and provide financial tribute in some manner!
      If the owners refused they were bombed to demonstrate why they needed protection!

      Niko, this is the foreign policy of America and the owners are the leaders of Syria, Iraq, libya, Yemen, Greece and Cyprus!…

      Or do support.the Glory to America and Israel crowd?

  1. If Turkey launches a calamity on Greece in the future months or years, could it be as bad as the 1922 Catastrophe? Perhaps.

    The depredations committed by the Turks a century ago were shamefully excused by the academic establishment of the English-speaking world. I can think of two British authors in particular who had a major influence in promoting a pro-Turkish narrative. They went on to live long and successful lives, apparently never seriously called to task for their coddling up to the Turks. The Greek Diaspora in the decades after the Catastrophe was largely poor, trying to assimilate in new lands, and so it kept quiet.

    A whole bevy of new journalists and academicians may well be waiting in the wings, ready to do a similar pro-Turkish treatment of a future Catastrophe. Will the now-prosperous and successful Diaspora have anything to say it?

    1. No John, no just Pro Turkey, but pro America.

      The Obama and Trump regimes respectively supported Turkey’s 2016 and 2018 aggression in Syria Operations Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch, both flagrantly illegal under international l

      When Turkey’s Erdogan launched so-called Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria days earlier, his third cross-border aggression since 2011

      When US forces rape and destroy nonbelligerent nations threatening no one, it’s called humanitarian intervention, responsibility to protect, and democracy building notions power elites abhor.

      When victimized nations defend themselves lawfully against Pentagon terror-bombing and atrocities by ISIS and like minded jihadists used as US proxy foot soldiers, they’re wrongfully condemned for aggression notably by establishment media, operating as imperial press agents.

      Aggression committed by other countries is only OK with Washington when serving its interests — notably when Israel smashes defenseless Palestinians, rapes Lebanon, and terror-bombs Syria, along with conducting targeted assassinations.

      Throughout much of Obama’s war on Syria, now Trump’s, the Pentagon and CIA used Kurdish YPG fighters in the country’s north as proxy foot soldiers against Damascus.

      They were supplied with heavy weapons,logistical support, intelligence, and air cover for aggression, supporting Washington’s aims, along with their own self-interest against Syria’s sovereign independence and territorial integrity.

    2. No disagreement between us concerning the topic at hand. We both are concerned about Turkish aggression and we are both are opposed to a regime change policy towards Syria.

      However, please go back to the question that I was posing. If Turkey does commit horrible aggression against Greece in the future and various pro-Turkish writings and broadcasts appear in the English-speaking world, what should the Diaspora do?

  2. What the Turks did in Syria and Cyprus they will soon do in the Aegean Sea. They’ll be forced to stop after a few weeks of slaughtering and stealing islands. But they’ll hold onto what they’ve stolen with a slap on the wrist. This scenario will continue in the Aegean once the dust has settled just like it has with Cyprus. The UN with no army at its disposal and corrupt and incompetent leaders will once again be useless. The EU has no army and could care less about its members secure concerns. Turkey will always hold the west hostage because of its location until the west has had enough of their blackmail and bullying and decide to dismantle it as they did in Iraq.
    Michael I am not pro anyone only pro Peace and respect for all nations and borders. There is not a politician I can stomach at this point.

  3. John,,,there is a simple answer to your question, as to what the Despora can do.!

    First we need for all Greek Americans to actively support Congresswomen Tulsi Gabbard for President of the United States ..who will end the Regime change wars that enlisted Turkey and some of Patrick Theros best friends in the Middle East ..Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and UAE …to fund, recruit, train and arm terrorist fanatics to simply, overthrow the legitimate government of the people of Syria!

    Secondly, we need for all Greek Americans with All Americans to actively support the removal of all Foreign bases in Greece, Turkey , Syria , Iraq, Yemen etc etc, including the U.S and Nato ..who are not in Greece to protect the people of Greece, but their puppets MIstotakis , Tsipras , and there ruling parties!

    Thirdly, we need for all Greek Americans to actively support the removal of Greece from the EU…which is nothing more than another part of the New International Marxist Stalinist party, now infiltrated in the Republican and Democratic parties ..who only agree on one thing ..spending 6 trillion dollars to control the economic , political , and military sovereignty of the populaces of The independent countries of the world!
    The EU.. is the same body ..that joined Mistotakis .. in calling the populace of Greece.. an enemy of the EU, because they are deplorable for demanding their country represent the national interests of the populace of Greece, not foreign Marxist in Brussels!

  4. cont.
    We need the Greek Despora to demand that the U.S government stops their foreign policy of selling weapons to Turkey Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE ..and maintaining bases funded by the treasury of the people of America in those countries ..who have clearly demonstrated that they are state sponsors of terrorism and considered by U.N. as the greatest oppressor of human rights in the world!

    Today, the U.S government has sent 3,000 more American Troops to Saudi Arabia. and provided them with Patriots missile defense protect the Saudi Royal family , who is slaughtering men, women , and children in Yemen with the U.S from the invented enemy of the Marxist in our country .. Iran!

    Knowing this can, not the Despora make the connection that Turkey can be allowed to invade Syria , while these Marxist does not support the Syrian Government to confront them, but enforces an oil and gas embargo of the people of Syria fighting the Terrorist and foreign invaders like Turkey, U.S ,France and Britain!

    Finally, the Greek Despora , should demand that” Glory to American and Israeli ” cult followers from the corrupt Greek Secret Society of Aristocratic elitist Masons..stop selling their lies to support the interest of government Ahepan Robert Menendez, Patrick Theros , and the Propaganda Minister and PR agent for the Aristocratic state owned newspaper TNH support crimes against peace!

    Niko.. Clinton Marxist run America!..

    1. You did not answer my question. I am asking you (and anyone else on here) what Greek Americans should do concerning the journalists and academicians among us in the English-speaking world who would be taking a pro-Turkish stand in a future Catastrophe.

    2. You mean, what Greek Americans should have done yesterday?
      This newspaper proudly publishes an annual Special Issue of
      “The 50 Wealthiest Greeks in America.”
      A lot of them make endowments to rich American institutions.
      However, their predecessors made contributions to their homeland.
      Just a thought. . .

  5. Hey John.. I told you what to do ?

    What do you expect the despora do ? Do what the Marxist members of the U.S government do to Pro democracy journalist.. like Julian Assange, who tell the truth with supporting evidence exposing a foreign policy of atrocities and crimes against humanity by the degenerates of America …like Bush, Clinton, Menendez, Biden , Obama.etc, who catastrophically destroyed the lives of millions of people in the Middle East Donald Trump and Tulsi Gabbard have stated in there fraudulent war on terrorism ..which was really Regime change war crimes, supported and promoted by the despicable Fake News media..who are merely the propaganda criminals who sell the lies of the Aristocracy that has controlled America for over 200 years!

    Would you like.. Ahepan Robert do what he does best…fabricate charges of espionage and acting as foreign Agents against those like Julian Assange who represented the interests of all Americans and the world providing all the evidence needed to put .. Bush , Obama, Biden and Hillary in leavenworth for imposing catastrophic wars on foreign countries based on lies!

    Today, Ahepan Menendez.. is part of the Marxsit who have ordered their British Marxist Brothers to jail and torture Julian Assange. while he tries to get Assange extradited to America.. for calling his legal revelations of crimes by him and Hillary act of espionage!

    Pro Turkey, Pro America, Pro Israel…is freedom of speech!

    1. Comments about Assange, Bush, Clinton, and Menendez are irrelevant here.

      I am asking about the various journalists and academicians who might try to give a pro-Turkish twist to a future disaster. What should the Greek Diaspora do about THOSE folks, if anything?

  6. John,you mean you really don’t get it! There is nothing you or I can legally. do to ProTurkey Pro Saudi Arabia , Pro English, Pro America , Pro Marxist, Pro EU or Anti Russian, Anti China, Anti Iran, Anti Venezuela , Anti Syria , Anti libya, Anti Iraq, etc etc journalist and academic propaganda monsters that now. are controlled by Aristocratic Elitist billionaires who now own them, the government, and the justice department of the United States of America to enforce only punishment to those who are enemies of the Marxist Police State of America .which you cannot get a grip of.. despite all the evidence right in front of your eyes..and now being scandalously played out in the web of atrocities and lies which allow the illegal occupation and homicide of the people of the citizens of Turkey and America! Yes , John and I are responsible , just like the German People remaining silent to the Middle East holocaust, of the degenerates of our government ..who we fund with 860 billions dollars or almost 60% of all the revenues our society generated every year!

    Today,, Julian Assange is important..because he was a Pro Democracy Journalist ..who told the Truth…and is being tortured and murdered in jails of the greatest degenerate colonialist in world history .. U.S and Britain!

    I have told you who is responsible , when they support with actions, the narratives true or not.of Pro Israel journalist, like Ahepa.Sen. Robert Menendez!

  7. Cont…

    John.. how hillarious..who owns Menendez and media like TNH .. pro Jewish Israel Aristocrates ! Who are the Pro Greek owners of TNH, Greece and Mistotakis… the Aristocrats!

    So what can Greeks despora do… boycott and shame the leaders of the U.S govenment supporting the Pro Turkey actions…like the British and U.S ..and demand there removal from Cyprus, Greece and any part of Greece!

    Why do you give U.S Nato countries .. Oil and Gas rights! Why do you allow them to maintain a Nato military base ..and launch wars against Syria. but do nothing against Turkey!

    Journalist John Swinton (1829-1901), who worked as a writer for a newspaper, and had a career writing for more than a few.newspapers..described independent journalism .like Diamataris and Pro Turkish journalist follows..

    “There is not ONE of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did you know beforehand that it would never appear in print! I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected with…

    The business of journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and his race for his daily bread…

    We are the tools of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes!“

    Now you know what to do!

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