Greece, Cyprus, and the Betrayal of the Kurds

American soldier mount the U.S. flag on a vehicle near the town of Tel Tamr, north Syria, Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019. (AP Photo/Baderkhan Ahmad)

President Trump’s abrupt withdrawal of American troops from Syria is a tragic continuation of decades-long inept American actions in the Middle East. The immediate victims are the region’s Kurds, but there are ominous long-term consequences for the national security of Greece, Cyprus, and the United States.

The root of the present crisis goes back to Bush II’s decision to pursue regime change in Iraq. His invasion of Iraq with its promise of quick victory with shock and awe tactics proved to …

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  1. Betrayal? The PKK are communists shilling for the soviets. And they were just as nasty as the Turks, having massacred myriads of Assyrian Christians a century ago. (GO learn that myriad means 10,000 in Greek)

    1. Veras…you have it wrong… The PKK are not communist shilling for the Soviets…but hard core Marxist Stalinist …now shilling for the Marxist Stalinist of the United States government!

      Yes you are correct , they did massacre Assyrian Christians a century ago…but now armed, trained, funded and recruited by the Marxist Stalinist of America that have been appointed to the State Department, C.I.A, Justice department, FBI, Intelligence department, Congress ..and of course ..the real war criminals and collaborators to these Marxist Stalinist .. TNH and Mainstream media…all by an Aristocracy of Elitist billionaires who have purchased the rights to impose a Marxist government , that will represent their political, economic, and military interests and enforce the take over of the sovereignty of the independent countries of the world…and now include the International Marxist regimes in the EU and Nato!

      Yes Vera..these kurds have slaughtered Christians in RAGGA, Syria to occupy it .. and all the villages of Northern Syria to not fight the Terrorist proxy Armies of Turkey and America, but to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria and cut out part of Syria promised to them by these U.S Marxist for their own Republic ..under the control of Israel and Greece and Cyprus!

      These Terrorist funded and supported by their Marxist brothers in the U.S government.. now call on Dr. Assad to save them from the Turks, recognizing that again…

  2. cont.
    that their dreams of an independent republic at the expense of the people of Syria.. has failed ,just like it did in Iraq!

    I have struggled for a long time .. as to who is responsible for the carnage of the Middle East.. that has killed millions and destroyed the lives of so many people with a foreign policy of endless wars and regime change ..that neither benefits American or the foreign citizens of the world!

    I have called them Fascist , mobsters, degenerates, Neo Cons, Socialist, communist , capitalist…but in the End .. .it is clear .. as you watch the State Tribunal convened to punish another enemy of the State…Donald Trump because he is an obstruction to their Global Agenda of continuing there endless Regime Change wars for Global Marxism..they are the worst form of Tyranny ..Marxism!

    The root of the problem ..has never been George Bush Jr. for his war crimes war that killed 600,000 Iraqis, but the criminal media collaborators ..who sold the war and lies of the Clinton and Obama families in Yugoslavia, libya, Syria and the Ukraine!

    It is the media traitors ..who sold and concealed their lies sell wars, elections and crimes against humanity and to enable the complete infestation of Marxist followers in every department of America!

    When Trump said ..we must end our illegal foreign policy of being ..”The Policemen of the world” to save humanity.,it was really that,of a Police State enforcing tyranny and terrorism of the world..

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