Letter to the Editor: On the Meaning of Greek Orthodox

The Ecumenical Patriarchate in Constantinople. (Photo by Eurokinissi/Christos Bonis)

To the Editor:

In a recent piece by Dennis Menos entitled, Uniting Orthodoxy in America Should Be Our Priority, he mistakenly refers to “Greek” in Greek Orthodox as only an ethnic designation. The “Greek” in Greek Orthodox pertains to the Greek world that served as the rich cultural backdrop for the rise and spread of Christianity. Yes, it pertains to the Greek language, but also to Greek philosophy and Greek culture that prevailed in the Greek world at the time. Jesus’ Disciples used the Greek language and Greek philosophical terms to teach the Gospel. They also wrote the New Testament in Greek. Cyril and Methodius, two Greek brothers from Thessaloniki, Greece, Christianized the Slavs.

All Orthodox Christians are Greek Orthodox, whether they refer to themselves as Antiochian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Romanian, Russian Orthodox, etc… In other words, all Orthodox Christians are Greek Orthodox, as opposed to Roman Catholic or Protestant.

Eva M. Economou-Economy
Glenview, IL


  1. Eva..verbalizes brilliantly and simply .. what the current followers of some of the Greek Secret Societies and their Mason white supremacist of America ..would like to reform ..and fraudulently. replace it with one of the multiple Evangelical Universal churches of America ..in order to fill the seats of our Greek Orthodox Churches!

    All the TNH attacks on the Archdiocese of North America .. which has included a regime change war of our Greek Orthodox Church. which simply fabricated and sensationalized. narratives ..like those being conducted by the Marxist police state of America and CNN.against Donald Trump because he has obstructed their foreign policy of making the countries of the world, part of their Universal Church of an International Aristocracy of Elitist billionaires .. who strip the populace ..like in Greece ..of there cultural identity and values.. to impose their new culture of subservience to a bunch of deranged Marxists, who now parade thru the halls of Brussels and Washington!

    Why do you think, the shameful Patriarch of Constantinople fulfilled the wishes of the now exposed Neo Nazi Oligarch and corrupt leader of the Ukraine, Victor Porchenko, installed by Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and the current U.S ambassador to Greece.Jeffrey Pyatt to divide the Ukrainian church illegally from the Russian Church , representing his contribution to the worshiping of the Universal Church of Marxist that now run the EU and U.S.

    And, like Porchenko..


    1. cont.

      Is the newly installed Archibishop of North America from Turkey by the false prophet BART .. who has been feted by these fraudulent Greek Secret Societies and their State Department masters to date..going to advance the demise of the Greek Orthodox Church in North America.by complying with the wishes of bunch of American reformist, or is he going to do the right thing ..which as Eva stated..advance agressively to the Universal church members of America …that their is only once church that can providing them with the map to fully connect to Christ by worshiping and partaking in the doctrines, practices and worship of God.. as performed every Sunday .. at the Original Church of Christ . THE GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH OF AMERICA!

      Imagine, if the Archdiocese was to advertise to the Universal Evangelicals., that they can practice their worship of God.. in the same manner .. that Christian practiced thousands of years ago .. which include the language of Greek, the sacraments of Christ designated to the Greek Orthodox Church and the original Christian followers!

      Maybe TNH. should read what Eva has provided them and start featuring what was once good in Christianity and still exist thousands of years later…in the Greek Orthodox Church!

      Maybe ..TNH can stop featuring evil war criminals ..like Ahepan Robert Menendez, Joe Biden , John McCain and his idol ..the Bush family.. and feature why our Greek immigrants established the Greek Orthodox church!

      .. .

    2. Oops, MIchael Jokos woke up to make his monthly run to Walgreen’s pharmacy for his meds. But the pharmacist in his neighborhood is a 33rd degree Mason. Stay tuned to WABC-AM for more details.

  2. You are absolutely right, Eva! The word “Greek” in Greek Orthodox is no more an ethnic epithet than the word “Roman” is in Roman Catholic. Before the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, there were two main branches of Christianity, Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox, the Latin West and the Greek East. “Greek Orthodox” is still a commonly used term to refer to this latter branch of Christianity, officially known as “Orthodox Catholic.”

  3. Yes, theologians, academicians, and others possessing the capacity and resources to study and analyze the origins of the Christian Church might understand the proper context for the “Greek” designation.

    However, in the United States, the ethnic Greeks, Serbs, Syrians, Russians, et. al., have ended up in divided jurisdictions serving their respective “diaspora”. Subsequent generations are falling away at an alarming rate. Through no fault of their own, (as they didn’t choose to be born here), these descendants find themselves increasingly disconnected from the foreign nation of their ancestors. In addition, services performed in a foreign language, or even worse, the confusing web of the “1/2 Greek, 1/2 English” liturgy, prove to be inaccessible.

    As these “diaspora” churches segregate themselves instead of naturally maturing into the one and only U.S. Orthodox Church, unique jurisdictional traditions and divergent foreign interests threaten to deprive millions of American souls of the true faith.

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