How Sultan Erdogan Played Greece, US, UN, EU

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. (Presidential Press Service via AP, Pool)

Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner we have the combined forces of Greece, Cyprus, the United Nations, the United States, and the European Union, and in the other the undisputed heavyweight ruler of all of them, Turkish Dictator/President Recep …….. Tayyip ……. “Crusher!” Erdogan. “Let’s get ready to ruuuumbble!”

And then, just like that, the no-holds barred death-cage match that should have been held in one of Greece’s hellish refugee centers, where Erdogan let human traffickers send them after they went …

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  1. Yes in one fell swoop Erdogan gets rid of the Kurds on the border, and gets to send all the Syrians in Turkey back to Syria, and now a power broker in Syria along with 2 other non Syrian countries. Getting everything he’s wanted, No Kurds, No Refugees, Oil in the Med, S400’s, Maybe No F35, but he doesn’t care, Cyprus ready to make any deal because their President is as wimpy as Tsipras, and both want a Peace Prize. Greece loses again and again, and again, and again.

  2. President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of American troops from northeast Syria, where the contingent alongside Kurdish militias controlled the vast territories. Trump clarified that the decision is connected with the intention of Turkey to attack the Kurdish units, posing a threat to Ankara.

    It’s incredible that the Turkish military operation against Kurds –indeed the territorial integrity of Syria has resulted in the escape of the U.S.,Great Britain, and France.

    These states essentially are key destabilizing components of the Syrian crisis, who funded, arm and trained the Kurds, and other Terrorist organizations to overthrow the government of Dr. Assad of Syria or partition territory of Syria for a Kurdish republic controlled by the U.S. and Israel and including the oil fields of Syria!

    The Turkish-Kurdish conflict has been going on since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire when Kurds started to promote the ideas of self-identity and independence. .

    It is unlikely that Ankara would achieve much in this operation. The Kurds realizing their plans have failed.with the degenerates of the U.S government have now joined with the legitimate Syrian government that has undermined the ongoing Turkish offensive!

    Therfore, Erdogan can only hope for the creation of a narrow buffer zone on the Syrian-Turkish border. The withdrawal of the Turkish forces from the region is just a matter of time. However, we can see ..who the real terrorist are .Turkey and U.S.

    1. cont.

      However, we can safely say that the Turkish expansion unwittingly accelerated the peace settlement of the Syrian crisis, as the vital destabilizing forces left the country. Besides, the return of the oil-rich north-eastern regions under the control of Bashar Assad will also contribute to the early resolution of the conflict.

      Importantly.. to understand the Marxist government of the U.S …watching Pense …give away territory of the Country of Syria to Turkey, which is not part of America ,but the people of Syria and the Assad government ..says it all!
      It should remind all Greeks ..about what in 1974 .. how the U.S government gave away territory of Cyprus to Turkey did not own!

      The difference in Syria . and why there is a Cease fire because the legitimate leader of Syria… Assad , who defeated all the terrorist of America and Saudi Arabia.. who murdered the sons, daughters and parent of doing what the cowards in Greece, and Cyprus did not do in 1974…deploying the Syrian Army to the borders of Turkey to confront and block the Turkish advance with the
      the Syrian Kurds..there citizens!..

      So Pavlo.. thanks to Assad and the Turks,the real terrorist of the middle east are leaving ,,and those Syrian migrants can return to their homes and attempt to rebuild what was destroyed by Hillary, Biden, Obama, and the royal Saudi jihadist!

      America, and EU.should end economic sanctions on Syria,and provide billions in war reparations for their crimes!

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