Will Greece Survive 2028?

(AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

The challenge facing Athens in 2028 is not the Los Angeles Olympics scheduled for that year; rather, a more foreboding deadline awaits. While the Republic of Turkey towers over the Hellenic Republic in population, land mass, GDP, and size of military manpower; a rough parity in naval, air, and armored vehicle forces exists between the traditional two foes. That rough parity – which hitherto has maintained the peace, could be coming to a crashing end with stealth aircraft Turkey targets …

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  1. Why is there no mention whatsoever of UAVs?
    Which is a more attractive market 10.5 million or 83.5 million consumers?

  2. Wow…Diamataris and Theros ..must be out of town with the Fat boy from the Greek Secret Societies for the Glory to America and Israeli Masons!

    How in the world did these guys …allow Nicholas Kalis to present the most balanced and unbiased assessment of what Greece must prepare for ..and tell the brain dead Greek community ..what the reality of the situation in Greece really is for the future!

    Imagine ..Nicholas ..has done what TNH has not done for the Greek Community …which provides what is really in the interests of Greece, not the Marxist legislators of the Regime change war criminals of the U.S government..who have one objective to impose a foreign policy ..that replicates that of Chicago Mobsters in 1920’s Chicago and New York .. which was making aware to legitimate businesses and their owners that there bad people in their neigborhoods. who could harm them, but the Black Hand mobsters would protect them, if they surrendered part of there business and profits to these mobsters!
    If the business owner refused their offer, because he did not have enemies. the mobsters would bomb him to demonstrate that he needed protection!

    If the business owner or the leader of a country.still refused their offer ..he would be bombed again and killed..like the leaders of Iraq, libya, Yugoslavia, Afgnaistan, Yemen ..and working on Syria , Iran and Venezuela!,

    It is clear..as Nicholas accurately described. that Edrogan and his mobsters have specific plans…

    1. The legitimate Syrian government of Dr. Assad…has condemned Turkish Aggression as the plans of Edrogan to further his wishes for a renewal of the Ottaman Empire and Caliphate led by Turkey!

      While I would remove Nato , The EU, and all U.S bases from Greece… who all now control the sovereignty of Greece .. .and reflect their financial, economic and political interest of foreign white supremacist Marxist in Brussel and Washington, I agree with Nicholas’s view ..all thing must be considered! AS for Russia., America , and China.. Greece should embrace any relationship and investments which enhance the economic interest of Greece… and politically, demand respect from these countries ..to have Greece remain neutral!

      Instead of Diamatris being a minister in Greece.to be propaganda machine for the Glory of American Greek Aristocrats..Nicholas Kalis would be a good start for the new government of Greece… who will be much more prepared for the future ..and delicate relationships which respects the Greek populace interests and will … you know a government of the people for the people, who do not act out of fear, but whats best for their people!

      Additionally, by 2028..they must remove the entire political parties of Greece ..who are tainted and merely puppet prostitutes of foreign and domestic Oligarks ..who have not demonstrated any patriotism other than protecting their money in foreign shelters around the world!

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