Greek Police Precinct Attacked, Four People Detained

FILE photo by EUROKINISSI/Stelios Misinas.

ATHENS – With the new New Democracy government trying to stop lawlessness and violence in the anarchist-dominated neighborhood of Exarchia in the Greek capital, attacks have been happening in other areas, with a precinct in a northern suburb assaulted.

Four people were briefly detained for questioning Oct. 12 in connection with a firebomb attack in the pre-dawn hours of the same day on a police precinct near Mount Penteli, but not arrested after the 5:30 a.m. Incident that caused damage to a parked police car but no injuries.

About an hour later, unidentified assailants hurled bottles and stones at a riot police unit stationed in Exarchia at the sane spot where a riot police officer was hit with an object and sustained a head injury two days earlier.

Earlier in October, proving to be as unstoppable for New Democracy as they were for the former ruling Radical Left SYRIZA – criticized for condoning them – the notorious anarchist group Rouvikonas ran into the Labor Ministry and scattered fliers with police detaining six people.

They were protesting changes to labor laws passed by the new Conservative government that makes it easier for companies to fire workers without giving notification. Previously, members who had been caught in their frequent assaults were not prosecuted.

While that was going on, the group said it would launch an official website without any report on whether the Greek police who probe the wrongful use of cyber space would be tracking them to find the IP address and their location.

The group has been responsible for dozens of attacks on a range of targets, including embassies, political offices and government ministries but has been taken down a bit by the new government which has sent squadrons of riot police into the Exarchia neighborhood dominated by anti-establishment groups to root out drug dealers, criminals, and squatters and fight lawlessness.