Metropolis of Boston Clergy Laity Assembly Postponed – Methodios Blames the Maliotis Center

Metropolitan Methodios of Boston interim president HCHC. TNH/Theodore Kalmoukos

BOSTON – The Metropolis of Boston postponed at the last minute its Clergy Laity Assembly which was scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 5 with Archbishop Elpidophoros of America as its keynote speaker, blaming the Maliotis Cultural Center as “unsafe.” The Clergy Laity was supposed to take place at the Maliotis Center, which is located on the campus of Hellenic College and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.

Fr. Theodoros Barbas, chancellor of the Metropolis sent an URGENT MESSAGE …

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  1. Look, there’s a of good baseball on these days. Who on earth cares a gnat’s ass about Methodios, the Maliotis Center, the C-L meeting or empty churches which preach to the dead? Move on, report on something else. No one cares anymore. They killed it, leave it alone, there’s nothing left on the carcass.

    Lets go to Vegas or Palm Springs and enjoy ourselves.

  2. One wonders whether this has anything to do with findings after a recent inspection that the Center is unsafe for use for various reasons and that there is an impending court case that will very soon be heard in court regarding ownership, upkeep, etc., a controversy that has been going on for some years now between the school and the center’s board of directors.

  3. So the new buffoon is going to take over and try to clean up the mess the old buffoon has made over the last several decades. What can go wrong with this picture?

    It’s ok nothing to see here folks keep moving. Black Bart’s Ukrainian “bribes” should keep his nose above water for a few more months. Then things will really start to collapse. Maybe he can start lining up his Macedonian bribes for when his Ukrainian bribes run out.

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