Court Decision Temporarily “Freezes” Sale of the Holy Trinity Nave

The magnificent Holy Trinity nave in Chicago that was sold to the Religious Organization Universal Life Church. (Photo by (Photo:

BOSTON – On October 3 a Chicago Court issued on an order that “froze” temporarily the sale of the nave of the historic community of The Holy Trinity.

It is reminded here that on September 10 the sale of the nave had been authorized for the price of $2.5 million dollars to the Religious Organization Universal Life Church as The National Herald had reported.

On the initiative of Spiros Kezios, a real estate businessman, and a group of members of the Holy …

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  1. I love Western art and I love trips to Florence to see Renaissance masterpieces.

    But why on earth is a Greek Metropolitan wearing a panagia with a copy of Raphael’s Madonna Della Sedia instead of a traditional Orthodox icon, written in accordance with the Holy Canons?

    Call it what you like. To me it’s symbolic of the GOA and it’s leader Black Bart taking a big crap over Orthodox Holy Tradition to feed their own vanities. I wonder if some of the gold cuff links are under that black robe.

    Thank you Pope Bartholomew. This is what you have brought to our Holy Church. Why don’t you take your act to Rome with the real Pope. You can enjoy pagan statues and dances with your buddy Pope Francis at his Amazon Synod.

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