Opening Pandora’s Box

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Readers will remember Pandora.  When Prometheus stole fire from heaven and gave it to Man, Zeus took vengeance on Man by sending a temptress, Pandora, to Prometheus’ brother. She opened a box left in his care containing all evils, which were then released into the world.  Granted the image of Trump as temptress strains the imagination, but we should not ignore the Evangelical preachers who believe God sent Trump, a man possessed of evil, to do His work on Earth.

In this case, …

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  1. Kurds and Armenians are Iranic peoples and so will never be friends of the West and 300 Spartans

  2. To this writer there are in reality but two classifications of evil people:

    A) The crazy or deranged evil ones and
    B) The rational, without empathy or caring evil ones.

    Patrick Theros..the 30 year career diplomat and employee of the most evil empire in world History ..the C.I.A and Intelligence community and State department of the United Donald Trump an evil tempest let loose by Evangelical preachers on this earth!

    Patrick Theros Jeffrey Pyatt and Stevens..fall into the classification of crazy.and deranged evil ones.
    All them were ambassadors in the Middle East working with the C.I.A and State department to release ..a foreign policy of Regime change of all the countries of the Middle East not compliant to the interests of the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel! He supported the most evil religious fanatics of history to do he dirty work in overthrowing these Syria representing crimes against humanity and peace for millions of citizens of the Middle East\

    Patrick unleashed the evil of political , economic, and military warfare on the world which was nothing less than genocide against Orthodox Christians and non Sunni Muslims of Iraq, Syria , Yemen, Afganistan etc..
    Trumps evil is not stopping it.

    Trump is no peacenik, far from it. He’s the latest in a long line of US warrior presidents waging endless wars of aggression, and by other means, against nonbelligerent states threatening no one.

  3. He’s the US liar-in chief, time and again saying one thing, then going another way, long ago proving he can never be believed or trusted.

    Candidate Trump falsely said
    “I was against (Middle East wars). And I was against (them) very early. And we shouldn’t have been in there. And I think it is probably perhaps the worst mistake we have ever made.”

    He called Afghanistan and Libya wars mistakes, after supporting them earlier.

    He complained about wasting trillions of dollars, turning the Middle East into a mess, instead of using the funds spent to rebuild America.

    “(W)e don’t have the money because it’s been squandered on so many (wrong) ideas,” he said.

    In January, he vowed to pull US forces out of Syria. They remain, illegally occupying about 30% of the country’s northern and southern territory.

    He vetoed legislation to end US involvement in Yemen. He supports increased spending for militarism, wars, weapons development to unprecedented levels, and America’s global empire of bases — used a platforms for endless wars against invented enemies.

    Permanent war is longstanding US policy under both right wings of the one-party state, Trump following in the footsteps of his predecessors.

    Permanent occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria are planned. US military forces came to stay. The same goes elsewhere under US installed puppet regimes it controls.

    US dark forces didn’t permit Trump’s election to get “out of these ridiculous wars,” as he falsely…

    1. They demand no change in the nation’s permanent war agenda. He lied claiming he rebuilt a “depleted” military.

      With all categories included, the US spends as much or more on militarism and warmaking than all other countries combined — a machine used for mass slaughter, destruction and intimidation.

      NO ..Mr. Theros is you , Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr. and Sr, Barack Obama Joe Biden ..C.I.A degenerate leaders ..John Brennan , Clapper, and Pay to play prostitutes like Ahepa Mason Robert Menendez ..who as foreign Relations Chairman approved and funded all the attrocities being committed to foreign citizens of the world!

      You and your media buddies like Diamataris ..have promoted these evils to sell you evil crimes against humanity!

      Today, as we watch another used pawn of evil ..the realize who the real evil of Syria is.. America, who used them to fight the invented U.S enemies based on another fraudulent lie of partitioning another country to reward their thugs for there service to you and the State Department.

      I do not thank you for your service…and submit your name to the International Criminal Court at the Haque..for crimes against humanity and peace ..with your conspirator.. Donald Trump!

      Scapegoating Trump for your evil is an offense to me ..of Spartan Blood!

  4. Guess what:
    The swamp is full of alligators.
    The genie is out of the bottle.
    The cat is out of the bag.
    And Pandora’s Box has been opened, but remember the only thing that remained inside was hope. . .

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