Quid Pro So? What’s the Big Deal about, Anyway?

FILE - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., reads a statement announcing a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

John and Jim are both longtime state senators and are now running for governor of their state. John wants to do everything in his power to win, and so he hires a private detective to keep a close eye on Jim. As it turns out, the detective obtains correct information that Jim has been stealing public money and funneling it to his overseas account. Gleefully, John discloses the information. Jim is arrested, pleads guilty, resigns his position, and ends his …

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  1. Mr. Scaros… you are getting closer to the fact..that a Secret Society of White Supremacist Aristocratic elitists and billionaires own the entire government of America ..and have been doing this, since, 1776..

    Importantly, their Brothers in Main Stream Media ..like TNH, CNN, Fox News, etc etc ..have been collaborative traitors to America ..in concealng, distorting, misrepresenting and lying to the Public to represent their interests which include selling a genocidal criminal foreign policy of perpetual war.to expand their control of the Economic , Political and military sovereignty of the independent countries of the world!

    Off course, the oppress the correct information and those who bring it..which exposes them for what and who is running America ..which is nothing more than an Organized Crime Family running a protection racket for those who serve them ..in both our country and foreign countries!

    What do you not understand… why Eric Snowden and Julian Assange have been prosecuted for providing accurate and correct information that exposed the tyranny of our Government ..which highlighted the criminal domestic surveillance of American citizens by the National Security Department, or Assange providing all the evidence to put Hillary Clinton, George Bush, Barack Obama, Jeffrey Pyatt, Joe Biden, Dick Cheney in jail for Treason in comitting documented war crimes in Iraq and Syria, supporting terrorism and raping the treasury of America!

  2. releasing.Classified information about Clinton, Biden and Obama selling weapons to Saudi Arabia being provided to ISIS , Al Queda and any other terrorist organization willing to kill Orthodox Christians and Shia Muslims in Syria ..to overthrow another regime change target..Syria!

    Mr. Scaros ..did you not notice they used the Espionage Act ..to justify the criminal prosecution of Snowden, and Assange. and make them enemies of the state…while..ignoring the documented crimes of the Government! This is what they are doing to Trump… trying to remove him ..to stop the exposure of their crimes..and treason, while using a C.I.A agent of the ruling masters of America to commit espionage but with false information!

    Trump ..is guilty of not being a member of the established tyrants running America …and is looked upon ..as a dangerous challenger to the power and control of the world by this small Secret Society of Elitist and their agenda’s..which have been dutifully fulfilled by the Clintons, Bush, and Obama families!

    Just think .. Trump has announced plans to withdraw U.S troops from Syria.. again. like Afganistan and stop what he calls worthless wars of America, while Nancy Pelosi, Adam Shiff, Lindsey Graham and the rest of the deviates of the Tyrants of the Republican and Democratic Congress, C.I.A, and intelligence, State Department ..who are promoting the impeachment of Trump..call his actions a disaster!

    And that says it all ..America is dead!

  3. If America is dead, what are you doing here? Please go drink some Pollonium with Putin whose grandfather, as Stalin’s chef cooked a third of a million Greeks to satisfy Stalin’s appetite in 1937 Siberia.

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