Archdiocesan and Community Leaders Must Overcome the Inertia of the Past

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. (Photo by TNH/Costas Bej)

The Greek-American Community may have entered ia new era, however, the inertia of the past continues to haunt it as it begins its new journey. Last month, Chicago’s historic Holy Trinity Church was sold at an auction, while yet another Greek-American day school in New York closed its doors. You can’t blame Archbishop Elpidophoros, who took over just two short months ago, for these developments, however, from here on in, his handling of these issues and actions to help recover …

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  1. Wrong choice of words: not inertia.
    Abuse is the correct term.
    The Laity has been ABUSED by church leaders for decades.
    All the chickens have come home to roost.
    Overcome the abuse by holding those responsible accountable and by rebuilding the lost trust.

  2. Time is past due to stop passing the buck … perhaps a bad choice of words. Time is long overdue to hold those accountable for the malfeasance at the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. The buck stops there and people should be held both accountable and if need be, criminally responsible. No more BS! We have had enough of lies, cover ups, lack of accountability and transparency. This has gone on for way roo long! Suggest begin acting like the Church of Christ they should be!

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      Yes, we have had enough of lies , cover ups , lack of accountability and transparencies…This has gone on for way to long!

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  3. Some on had to push that button on a computer to transfer all that money. I’m still waiting for the name of that person to be divulged.

  4. Even putting aside that he is the author of the “first without equals” being spouted out of Istanbul, how can we trust the new guy in town when he brings no more consequences for bad acts or transparency as the old guy in town. He has a nice smile and a telegenic presence. But underneath it is the old playbook. Pay, pray and obey. And a false sense of humility.

    1. And Elpi also now has a dog name Hermes. What’s next? A segment on The Food Channel? Elpi makes Lamb Kapama. Or maybe an appearamce on The Kardashians with Alex?

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