Fixing America Requires Removing a Deeply Flawed President

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Regarding Constantinos Scaros’ commentary [Fixing the Presidency Means Fixing America, Sept. 14]; yes, if presidents weren’t saddled with running for office in four years they could spend more time being effective. That’s clear.  Notwithstanding, a president with no moral values or direction, no decency, little intelligence, excessive narcissism, aversion to the rule of law, and penchant for vindictiveness and pettiness is damaging to those being governed and America, generally. When his only talk is …

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  1. No, Mr. Frangos..fixing America means fixing the entire government and their collaborators in the corrupt media institutions in deceiving the American people, as to who runs America and how!
    Donald Trump,.if you haven;t noticed, is worshiped by the media and democratic party for continuing a Foreign policy of perpetual wars against the entire world.

    A recent article, Our Invisible Government, by the well-known author and journalist, Chris Hedges, is a typical case in point. As is his habit, he sheds light on much that is avoided by the mainstream press. Very important matters. In this piece, he writes in his passionate style that

    The most powerful and important organs in the invisible government are the nation’s bloated and unaccountable intelligence agencies. They are the vanguard of the invisible government. They oversee a vast “black world,” tasked with maintaining the invisible government’s lock on power.

    This, of course, is true. He then goes on to catalogue ways these intelligence agencies, led by the CIA, have overthrown foreign governments and assassinated their leaders, persecuted and besmirched the names of those – Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, et al. – who have opposed government policies, and used propaganda to conceal the real reasons for their evil deeds, such as the wars against Vietnam, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. He condemns such actions.

    Frangos, Secret Societies , media and entire government must all be removed and fixed!.

  2. “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” ― Chris Hedges

    1. What you left a society brainwashed and impotent to stop the genocide of foreign citizens of the world by White supremacist Racist Aristocrats with the collaboration of a degenerate and indecent media aristocracy ..which is merely propaganda machines to support narratives that make the enemies of these billionaire war criminals ..the enemies of all keep raping our treasury to the tune of almost 60% of the entire annual revenues of America to support an economy based on Wars and more wars…and average citizens of the world … the losers!

      When you support and call the most horrific state sponsor of terrorism and oppression in the world your best ally…and then send more American troops to defend a country committing genocide in the poorest country of the world ..Yemen with fully supplied and supported U.S bombs and missiles, and send 5 billion dollars of American Taxpayer money to the Apartheid State of Israel ..currently supporting Terrorist jihadist like ISIS and Al Queda in Syria with U.S and Saudi Arabia….you are called a Totalitarian country run by the temperament of Neo Nazi Oligarks!

      When you remain silent to blatant breaking of International laws, meddling into foreign countries thruout the world, blatant propping up of Vassal country despots who are merely puppets of a criminal regime in America ….you are a sick and decadent society!

      IN the end, Hedges still fails to indict the purveyors of our decadence!

  3. Dear Mr. Scarors, my Fallow Hellen:

    I am aware of your previous service with the US government and congratulate you for your performance. I also understand your Democrat leanings, however your column, your remarks of President Trump were vituperative and beyond reason. Your comments discourage, further attempts to a dialog and are wildly indicative of usual left wing efforts to disparish and denigrate the President , as they exemplify the usual left wing diatribes. As a writer, i expect that you can do much better in this regard.
    Your neglect in your critical remarks of President Trump to mention the Obama presidency which were it set back for our nation.Let’s face it , does blackness excuse him and his Vice President Biden from any criticism or condaming remarks. which place the nation back for 8 years while and the others in riched themselves at the expense of US taxpayers. President Trump and what he has accomplished on behalf of the nation’s Citizens deserve our kudos.

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