Greek-American Criticizes Rep. Ilhan Omar at 9/11 Ceremony in New York (Video)

Nic Haros talks with reporters during a ceremony marking the 18th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 at the National September 11 Memorial, Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019 in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

NEW YORK (AP) — People who were too young on 9/11 to even remember their lost loved ones, and others for whom the grief is still raw, paid tribute with wreath-layings and the solemn roll call of the dead Wednesday as America marked the 18th anniversary of the worst terror attack on U.S. soil.

After reading victims’ names, Greek-American Nicholas Haros Jr. used his turn at the podium to tear into Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota over her recent “Some people did something” reference to 9/11.

“Madam, objectively speaking, we know who and what was done,” Haros, who lost his mother, Frances, said as he reminded the audience of the al-Qaida attackers.

“Our constitutional freedoms were attacked, and our nation’s founding on Judeo-Christian values was attacked. That’s what ‘some people’ did. Got that now?” he said to applause.

Nic Haros, left, participates in a ceremony marking the 18th anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 at the National September 11 Memorial, Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2019 in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Omar, one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress, has said she didn’t intend to minimize what happened on Sept. 11, and accused critics of taking her words out of context. She tweeted Wednesday that “September 11th was an attack on all of us.”

The dead included Muslims, as Zaheda Rahman underscored after reading names at ground zero. She called her uncle, Abul Chowdhury, a “proud Muslim-American man who lived his life with a carefree nature, a zeal for adventure and a tenacity which I emulate every single day.”


  1. We as individuals will never feel the same pain that survivors and their families suffered that terrible day, that still lingers on for the survivors and their families every day. Thank you Nic for reminding some of our Congressional Representatives that they should all honor and respect everyone that lost their lives that horrible day. Thanks for telling it like it is.

  2. God bless Nic for speaking the truth in a politically correct world. He did not criticize all Muslims and in fact Muslims also lost their lives on 9/11. He rightly criticized a Muslim Congresswoman who has degraded the impact of what was done on that day and befriended terrorist supporting groups like CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood. God bless you sir, and give rest to your mother.

  3. Give me a break. Ilhan Omar didn’t say anything that disrespected the victims of 9/11. Trump has said a lot worse, that disrespected veterans and fanned the flames of hatred. And he’s the president. A president is supposed to unite us. I understand the need for Nic Haros to be an angry victim, but, he’s not the only one who has lost family members. He has every right to be angry at the hijackers and no one else, because they said something that he has misconstrued. Just a reminder that more than 500,000 Americans have died by firearms, killed by other Americans, since 9/11, including children in schools, while less than 40 Americans have been killed by Islamic terrorists on American soil. Those 500,000 dead Americans are no less dead than the 9/11 victims.

    1. Omar’ s comments were vile and disrespectful so you can save your praise of this unpatriotic hate America, antiSemitic woman You should never utter her name along side our president who yes is flawed but there is no doubt on how he loves our country

  4. Some people did something in
    El Paso
    New Zealand
    Do all white men have to apologize for it?
    Are they under suspicion all the time?
    Are guns being regulated after all these massacres?
    What does Nicholas think about that?
    Oh and he denies being racist on the Sean Hannity show!
    Go fly a kite Nicholas

  5. After 18 years many Americans are still ignorant when it comes to 9/11. Do you really believe our governments narrative as to how 9/11 happened? If you do you are truly ignorant. 9/11 was clearly a false flag, Muslims were blamed for the acts of 1) Certain US Gov. officials, namely President Bush,VP Dick Cheney and certain members of our intelligence agency(deep state) and some others 2) the Israeli Government and Mossad its spy agency 3) Certain officials of the Saudi Arabian Government and 4) the International Bankers known as the international cartel of money lenders (all central banks and the ones that control them) . Thank God for Chris Bollyn, General Stubblevine and many other patriotic Americans who after much study, research, and rational thought began to unveil the sinister plot called 9/11. What was the bottomline, it was to cause chaos in the middle east, via wars,terroism, etc in order to gain control, power, and the oil for their own use. These folks are so sinister and evil they will kill people in order to effect their end. The 3,000 or more people killed during9/11 suffered this fate by these evil people.
    This is not the first time this has happened in human history – this is an old trick. Do a evil deed and blame it on someone else. “False flag terrorism” is defined as a government attacking its own people, then blaming others in order to justify going to war against the people it blames. Wake up America we have been bamboozled.

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