SYRIZA Reform Overwhelming Greek Universities With Students

(ΜΟΤΙΟΝΤΕΑΜ/Giorgos Konstantinidis)

ATHENS – Greece’s universities are bracing for an onslaught of students under a law passed by the former ruling Radical Left SYRIZA to merge technical schools with them, bringing in 10,000 more students and more faculty.

Rectors at the universities are worried about how to handle the influx, said Kathimerini after SYRIZA, which wanted to lessen standards and allow almost anyone into colleges even if they couldn’t meet minimum exam scores, wanting to align technical schools with universities that have a higher bar.

Some rectors have submitted proposals to the new leadership of the Education Ministry trying to change the terms of the law and some may take their case to the Council of State, the country’s highest administrative court, the paper said.

“Of course there should be social policies, but these should not be enforced in a warped fashion as this leads to provincial universities losing out and the central universities being overburdened, with all the repercussions this brings for teaching and research,” the rector of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Emmanouil Giakoumakis said according to the report.

The Senate of Thessaloniki’s Aristotle University has said it will use all possible legal means to stop it with the school’s rector, Nikos Papaioannou, saying the likeliest way to remedy it was to go to the high administrative court.

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  1. Syriza’s strategy is an example of leftist “equality” ideology at work…

    In the real world, a single talented well educated physics student can product an idea that a million other people combined can’t. Rather than stuff in incompetent students into an overburdened higher education system that attempts to make everyone equal… multi-tiered education far more sense. If anything premier Greek universities should make entrance requirements far harder to filter out more incompetent and lazy students. Maintaining educational high standards for the elite thinkers is key to a successful economy. You don’t boast an economy by dragging down the elite as Greek leftists believe. We had 70 years of failed tyrannical communist ideology during the cold war to see Marxist economics do not work.

    Democracy just means people should be equal before the law. This is what allows for meritocracy to happen. Democracy does not mean we are all equal in skills and talent. As long as they are self-made (rather than inherited wealth) the elite should be allowed to rise as far as they can.. It’s in the interests of the middle class and poor to see an elite succeed because they are ones producing the ideas that improve everyone’s lives.

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