Letter to the Editor: I Wish Both Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Diamataris Success

To the Editor:

Mr. Antonis H. Diamataris’ article, “The Reasons Why I Returned to the Homeland” was impressive.

Personally I am not so enthusiastic about K. Mitsotakis but it is a clear improvement from the anti-Hellenism Mr. A. Tsipras.

I wish both Mr. Mitsotakis and Mr. Diamataris success and good luck.

I am very happy that he intends to allow us to vote when we are out of our country. Obviously there is now some real hope.

Ioannis Lamprou
Chicago, IL

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  1. Only a Secret Society Mason can cheer on…the first State owned and controlled Greek Newspaper by the Stated departments of Greece and U.S operated by New Greek Minister of Propaganda and Greek Secret Society Mason Publicist Antonios Diamataris with managing editor .Vannessa Diamataris and state sponsor Terrorist diplomat.. Patrick Theros!

    After demeaning and discrediting state sponsored news controlled by corrupt public officials.and alleged dictators,.why should I anybody.believe anything TNH writes in a newspaper owned by a government minister of Greece,,and sponsored by a Greek Secret Society of Masons, who now also remove any post critical of this fraudulent front for fanatical Glory to America and Israel radical neo con war criminals whose agenda is to take over the sovereignty of Greece and any other independent country of the world..

    You should be criticizing your newspaper for blatantly continuing to distort, conceal, and misrepresent information to the Greek community and Despora to gain support for Greek and American government which break international laws and betray the sovereignty of Greece!

    Are you not embarrassed that Diamataris and his Oligarks used TNH without shame by blatantly campaigning against the Former leader of Greece and his socialist party to demean them .like CNN has done against Donald Trump,to get right wing Aristocratic Neocon Mistotakis elected..and then accepts a position in his government?

    Only dictators do this!.

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