Uniting Orthodoxy in America Should Be Our Number One Priority

(AP Photo/Yorgos Karahalis, FILE)

How much longer will we continue to refer to ourselves as ‘Greek’ Orthodox? The people of Greece when questioned about their faith respond with a single word – that they are ‘Orthodox’ – but we in the United States insist on identifying ourselves as being ‘Greek’ Orthodox.

We are not the only ones to do that, of course. Persons of Russian ancestry in America refer to themselves as ‘Russian’ Orthodox. Same, for persons of Ukrainian, Albanian, or Serbian ancestry. Although they …

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  1. The Patriarch will never allow it. Iakovos tried and was removed and the archdiocese was carved up into regional metropolis across the US with an archbishop who is now powerless.

    1. He’ll allow it under these conditions that Elpidophoros laid out 10 years ago:

      “With regards to the United States, the submission to the First Throne of the Church, that is, to the Ecumenical Patriarchate is not only fitting with the American society and mentality but also it opens up the horizons of possibilities for this much-promising region, which is capable of becoming an example of Pan-Orthodox unity and witness.”

      Sheesh, when the only tool you have is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail.

      Submission to a “First Throne” has never, ever fit with “American society and mentality.” Elpidophoros should’ve looked up “American Revolutionary War” before making such a statement so divorced from reality.

      Elpidophoros was obviously attempting (and failing) to project his own Turkish psychological propensity to submission to despotic authority onto freedom-loving Americans.

  2. Orthodox “unity” always results in antisemitism and other racism. We have plenty of non-Orthodox who bring their kids to learn Greek. Back in my village there was an old guy who came to church often but he was Yehuvatis. He was the town’s biggest donor and benefactor. Greece was always a big tolerant tent, unlike these lunatic ruskins who made their satanic pogromist cezars into saints.

    1. I left when I walked into a Good Thursday service and heard the pogrom inciting rants “Jews Jews” (anomus, adioscorus, anarcus) in ENGLISH. If they were in Koine, Tridentine or Klingon, I could have claimed denaibility. This parish happened to be close enough to where I worked that if any colleagues saw me there I would have a lot of explaining to do. The entire church is vile and depolrable.

  3. As evidenced by the anti-americanism of Comitazis Stone on the ultra-orthodox blogs, American Orthodoxy is an Oxymoron which inevitably ends up shilling for the islamo-soviets, as per Huntington’s Clash. When Zembillas uses Chrysostolm to justify socialism and Demacopoulos uses Justinian to justify gun control, you have no chance of ever justifying yourself as an American institution. The best the GOA can hope to be is a gateway to western religions and a caricature of grecletude.

  4. W L Westermann wrote (J Egy Arc 18#1 p27) “Further, I would add that this is another, though humble, example of the greatest among the gifts of the ancient Greeks to human society, namely, the secularization of human life (I have to thank my colleague, Professor Frederick Barry, for this phrase)” Embrace the masonic glory of democratic capitalism! Jack N Casavis (Greek Origin of Freemasonry, Divry, 1956) is considered the Liberator of the Dodcanses by the Greek Government. Vatikiotis (1998) says both Metaxas and Vanizelus were masons. Greek Tectons of the 1821 Revolution included Emanuel Xanthos, Nicholas Scufas, Athansius Tsacalov, and probably also Capo d’Istria, Ypsilanti and Colocotron, and indeed the entire concept of the Friendly Company which devised Greek independence in Odessa was masonic and worked in concert with another society, for Israel’s regeneration, equally encouraged by the Mennonite Catherine the Great. Catherine, that grand disciple of Diderot’s enlightened despotism, was the great promoter of Russian

  5. This whole website has been hijacked by either Russian or Elpi trolls. It’s almost at the point of being irrelevant.

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