Lit with Fire: An Inside View of Mental Illness in the Greek Community

Photo Credit: Theo Karantsalis by Wally Clark.

The fine line between sanity and madness blurs as a jittery man with body sores, unkempt hair, and tattered clothes gives fiery sidewalk lectures in downtown Miami.

Onlookers who recognize the man shake their heads as they toss a dollar or a get-well note into a tip jar with the hash tag #litwithfire scrawled on it. As the 57-year-old hippie throwback from San Francisco rambles on about spiritual warfare, chem trails, and legalizing weed, a struggle between rational and irrational thought …

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  1. Especially pernicious is the quack Metropolitan Ierotheos Vlahos of Naupaucus with his soviet style “Orthodox Psychotherapy” – as opposed the the very modern version of Fr Basil Thermos. Barbara Walters expose of Leros several decades ago unfortunately did not remedy the situation.

  2. Given the high rate of domestic violence in Greek households (well documented by Harry Mark Petrakis where Litsa put her battering husband in the hospital with her skillet), Greeks are in dire need of psychiatric treatment

  3. The post-war rise of Greek domestic violence owes to the importation of nazi military training methods by former collaborators. These need to be seriously studied and expunged.

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