A Greek Anti-Trumper Tells Fellow Liberals to be Self-Critical

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, FILE)

I had quite the experience this morning (August 22) when I sat on my front porch with my frappe and the print edition of the Wall Street Journal, as I do on most mornings.

As I have shared with you in this column on many occasions, I had been a loyal New York Times reader from the time I was old enough to understand it; it was a staple in my household – my dad was a daily reader of that …

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  1. Hey Scaros.. .are you still writing for ..the first State owned and controlled Greek Newspaper of the State department of Greece..and run by the Minister of Propaganda and Fake news Antonios Diamataris with managing editor .Vannessa Diamataris , and in house State Department representative of America… columnist Patrick Theros!

    After teaching the Greek American population ..that state sponsored news of any country is fake news, and controlled by corrupt public officials.and dictators,.why should I or any other reader.believe anything you write in a newspaper owned by a government minister of Greece,,and sponsored by a Greek Secret Society of Masons, who can remove any post critical of their organization and exposes the illegitimacy of their secret society to promote themselves as the exclusive representatives of the Greek Community and Despora!

    Scaros,, you should be criticizing your newspaper for blatantly continuing to distort, conceal, and misrepresent information to the Greek community and despora to gain support for the Greek and American government which break international laws and betray the sovereignty of Greece!

    Scaros,.are you not embarrassed ..that your former Publisher without shame..blatantly campaigned against the Former leader of Greece and his socialist party to demean them .like CNN has done against Donald Trump,to get right wing Aristocratic Neocon Mistotakis elected..and then accepts a position in his government?

    It taints you! .

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