Chris Cuomo is Right: He’s Not Fredo – He is Not Good Enough

On August 12, a video appeared showing CNN anchor Chris Cuomo become furious when another patron in the Staten Island establishment both were frequenting called him “Fredo.” Insisting he is not Fredo, Cuomo, the brother of current New York governor Andrew and son of former New York governor Mario, then unleashed a barrage of profanities at his interlocutor, and even loomed close to his face and threatened to throw him down a flight of stairs. Most incensively, he said that …

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  1. Good Job Scaros.. expose these degenerates for what they are,. merely the Deep State Neo liberal C.I.A operatives that have hijacked America, to fabricate fake news lies that serve only one promote a foreign policy of perpetual wars to take over the economic, political, and military sovereignty of all the countries of the world!

    Cuomo and the Lemon all depraved mind controlled criminals ..who sell the Global Agenda of the Marxist element of the democratic party, who only agree with the Republican Neo Nazi Element to wage war with any country who is not turning over control of their countries to the Hillary Clinton organized Crime Family, rather than the Donald Trump Crime family!

    Cuomo spends a 20 minute interview with Tulsi Gabbard trying to refute her statement that the U.S government actually supports Al Queda terrorist in Syria to overthrow the government of Syria, and then demands allegiance to the fraudulent Narrative that Dr. Assad of Syria must be replaced because the fake news chemical weapons crimes were true ..when in fact they have been called hoaxes..unreported by CNN!

    This guy also ran another false story..where he claimed that the chosen leader of CNN to replace the current elected leader of Venezuela..Guido.. was actually the elected leader.of Venezuela ..who with U.S assistance, just trying to “TAKE BACK” his presidency! Guido.,never even ran for the Presidency of Venezueala ..and only a week later ..did CNN refute this.

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