Enthronement Luncheon Proceeds $260,000 to Benefit St. Nicholas


FILE photo by TNH/Costas Bej.

NEW YORK – The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America reports that a donation of $260,000 is being made to the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine from the proceeds of the Enthronement Luncheon for His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros.

“I was immensely moved by the number of faithful who traveled from near and far to participate in my Enthronement. I wish to thank all the generous parishes, organizations and faithful who contributed to the Enthronement Luncheon and whose presence made the day extraordinary. From the start I asked that the net proceeds of the Luncheon be restricted for the construction of St. Nicholas Church and National Shine and I am so pleased with this significant donation.”

The funds represent the net proceeds from the Luncheon, which was underwritten by many generous faithful including parishes, organizations and individuals and was attended by more than 1,700 individuals. The donation will contribute to the fundraising activities to provide for the resumption of the construction.

A full financial report on the Enthronement and related events, including the Luncheon, will be included as part of the second quarter financial statements of the Archdiocese and will be posted on the Archdiocese website as soon as they are completed.


    1. It seems that whenever we get an Archdiocese story, this same anonymous complainer “loans” us an opinion.

    2. It is only natural and right that we would like a full accounting of where the money went and who pushed buttons to transfer funds. This should be part of the transparency that the new Archbishop has been proclaiming.

    3. Yes Anthony, we do need to learn about these matters. But I am wanting to give our new Archbishop a chance. Others seem to have already written him off.

  1. i commend those who contributed to St. Nicholas Shrine at AB’s dinner. Archbishop Elpidoriphos is new to his position and the damage to Greek Orthodoxy, the Church fortuitously escaped after 25 years of neglect and mismanagement, clerical and business incompetence. I believe that our new AB needs and is owed the opportunity to redress broken rules and practices while at the time initiating new, perhaps raising Orthodoxy to heights it deserves as a world religion.

  2. I’m not sure $260k is anything to brag about given the enormity of the money that has disappeared. It’s interesting to me that the tens of millions of underfunded obligations to the priest pension fund is not the # 1 priority. This shows me that the Hellenic “show” at Ground Zero is more important than taking care of your workforce. “Greek” neon signs are the only goals for the GOA, past, present, and future.

    $30-50 million to re-permit, re-start, complete NICK

    $20-50 million to get pension fund to proper levels

    $20 -50 million to stabilize, recapitalize, improve HCHC

    $7 million to repay emergency loan to keep GOA from bankruptcy

    Addition millions needed to stabilize and repair the rest of the institution and to grow the membership.

    To brag about $260k is a bit ridiculous, especially when the money came through the tiresome and laughable Manhattan elitist events where the dias is loaded with all the usual suspects who got us in this mess.

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