Letter to the Editor: Appreciation for Amb. Theros’ Viewpoint

To the Editor:

Thank you for the Viewpoint by Amb. Patrick Theros titled “Unrealistic Campaign Promises or Just Not Thinking Big Enough?” which appeared in the August 17 issue.

It really is beyond belief that so many countries have figured out how to have universal health care but here in the United States everyone is held hostage by a health care system based on making money off of people’s illnesses.

I have heard so many stories of people who can’t afford to be sick, they have to start fundraisers online on crowdfunding websites in order to pay for lifesaving treatments that in other countries are a fraction of the cost here.

Meanwhile the president and all the people in Congress have the top notch healthcare most Americans can only dream about. Then there are those who talk about the people who are taking advantage of the system. Most of the time it seems like the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. There is no advantage to the system, the 99% always lose.

Dionysios F. Papakonstantinou
Seattle, WA


  1. Only a Brain Dead ” Glory to America” Ahepa Mason can appreciate the Views of U.S ambassador to Qatar Patrick Theros and the U.S State department, the perpetrators of perpetual wars to serve the Permanent War economy of the U.S and to falsely promote a “war on terrorism” which is really a war of conquest!. And Patty.has been right in the middle of its.supporting State sponsors of terrorism!.

    He served in diplomatic positions in Saudi Arabia, and Nicaragua as well as in the State department and . Immediately before his appointment to Qatar Ambassador Theros served as Deputy Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism, responsible for the coordination of all U.S. Government counter-terrorism activities outside the United States. 

    In 2000, Theros assumed office as the President and Executive Director of the U.S.-Qatar Business Council after a 35-year career in the United States Foreign Service!

    So as my Yiayia used to say ,who you hang out with.is who you are!

    Based on that,.it is clear that Theros viewpoint on our health and education system is not worthy of our interests, but of value if they commission a Pentagon Paper 2, like the one for Vietnam that revealed the depravity and atrocities by the Military and government of the US to kill 2 million Vietnamese citizens and 60,000 U.S servicemen..base on lies from the State department and Congress of the U.S!

    Patrick, as counter terrorism coordinator. somehow was working with Qatar, and Saudi Arabia!

  2. So Mr Theros, the former ambassador to Qatar and for year later president of U.S /Qatar buiness council to promote Qatar business interest and those of the Saudi Arabia , and UAE Gulf States, who by the way have the worst human rights records in the world ..and where freedom of religion is limited basically to the Sunni Muslim Islamic doctrines which are the same as ISIS and Al Queda terrorist who have killed millions of non Sunni Muslim faithful..like Orthodox Christians in Syria, Iraq, libya, etc etc…

    So who is Patrick Theros best friends, Qatar, and home to largest U.S air base in the Middle East as described by Freedom House…

    “Qatar’s hereditary emir holds all executive and legislative authority, and ultimately controls the judiciary as well. Political parties are not permitted, and the only elections are for an advisory municipal council. While Qatari citizens are among the wealthiest in the world, more than four-fifths of the population are non citizens with no political rights, few civil liberties, and limited access to economic opportunity”.

    In June, Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) cut diplomatic ties with Qatar and imposed trade and transportation sanctions on the country, accusing it of supporting terrorist groups—which they defined to include Islamist political organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Queda , and ISIS in Syria!

    So Patrick let hear you views on U.S terrorism and homicide! ..

  3. “ . . . everyone is held hostage by a health care system based on making money off of people’s illnesses.” The crux of the problem is self-regulating medicine that breeds complacency and mediocrity. This coupled with the insurance behemoths, which shield doctors from accountability by lobbying politicians, promote a profit driven industry at the expense of individuals in their darkest moments.

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