Letter from Athens: Why Greece’s Shipping Tycoons Fly the Flags of Greed

Photo by ΜΟΤΙΟΝΤΕΑΜ/Vasilis Ververidis (FILE).

You won’t find any bigger patriots in Greece than the country’s vaunted shipping tycoons who would gladly go back in time to May 30, 1941 and join Manolis Glezos and Apostolos Santas climbing onto the Acropolis to tear down the Nazi flag.

No siree, Bobinopoulos, they have more Greek blood than Revolutionary War hero and Gen. Theodoros Kolokotronis, and if they’d been alive 200 years ago would have been right behind him – true, many miles behind him – trying to …

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  1. Yes it is greed, they do some philanthropy to calm the masses, but hide their earnings in Switzerland, and other offshore banks, Thump their Greek chest, yet pay OXI greek taxes….Crews are non greek, so actual jobs are non existent for greeks, “GREEK PIRATES OF THE MEDITERRANEAN” Make billions, pay nothing, just like most greeks… If they flew the Greek Flag, then greece would have to protect them worldwide, Persian Gulf etc.

  2. Correct Pavlo.. and just think the same banks they hide their money ..like Jeffrey Epstein, are the same banks who imposed a loan sharking mobster loan program ..which starved the people of Greece, looted their sovereignty, and cultural assets!

    As we watch these banks confiscate and steal the gold assets of 1.5 billion dollars of Venezuela by the Bank of England, because, they wish to starve the people of Venezuela to remove their elected leader, and replace him with an unelected leader that chosen by Ahepa Mason Robert Menendez, and Kyriakos Mistotakis who supports these genocidal war crimes of the people of Venezueala!

    Which really explains , what these Oligarks, Bankers and fascist politicians did to Greece, because they simply wanted to destroy Greece ..to surrender their Socialist leader elected by the people or populist,
    ..the dreaded enemy of U.S and EU…the new Soviet Bloc today!

    Unfortunately for Greece, the Traitor Tsipras surrendered himself to these degenerates, and did what they said .. which betrayed Greeks,..and got himself dumped!

    That Pavlo ..is what they have been doing thruout the world now …like Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Yemen, libya, ..economic warfare to destroy their economies , and starve the people to surrender their leaders , for U.S and EU dictators, representing their interest , not those of Greece!

  3. When Papandreou nationalized the shipyards, they left for Japan then China now Vietnam. The sailors have been from India, Pakistan, and now Philippines. Many shipping firms are now publicly traded multinationals.
    And those that are privately held have placed their debt offerings with multinational firms like insurance companies. So, they are not even Greek controlled any more, only in name. The claim of their being Greek is no more valid than for Chase, Dow, Waste or any other firm with a NOMINALLY Greek CEO. Don’t blame the shippers, blame the greedy Greek politicians. Like the jealousy driven deplorables who chose their parish by the cheapest candles but blame the “rich guys” for their school closing. Italy can sustain a larger debt than Greece because Italians buy Italian bonds but Greek bonds are all owned by German banks. The ethics of the shippers you complain about are no different than the creepy ethics of ordinary Greeks, who want everyone to help their kids get a job but won’t help others.

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