Unrealistic Campaign Promises Or Just Not Thinking Big Enough?

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders walks down the main concourse during a visit to the Iowa State Fair, Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019, in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Bernie Sanders asked rhetorically: “If every other developed country can operate a universal health care system, why is it impossible in the U.S.?” Are things really that out of whack in America? The answer is, yes, they are.

They can only be fixed by a concerted bipartisan multi-year effort. Given the normal human resistance to change and the immense wealth that the inefficiencies for the system has created (for a few at the expense of many), as well as the refusal …

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  1. The soviet czars had free health care and education (and banned land ownership on account it all belonged to Mother Mokos, aka St Paraskevi) , so it is obvious Sanders is a Putin bot.

    1. Hey Benny I have a scoop for you ..mother Russia .does not control a block of Vassal states..that is now called the EU and Nato Block ..many of which like the Czars…provide free health care and education!

      Obviously, you are a Nazi Bot call Adolph Hitler, who worked for White Supremacist Aristocrates that currently ar doppong one bomb every 12 minutes of the day to .. do what Hitler used to do ..take over the lands of foreign countries ..to take over their economic, political, and military sovereignty..by the New U.S , Nato block! let me help you .. since, you must have just woken up ..from being shell shocked in one of your Nazi Bunkers by Stalin and mother Russia!

      Here’s another scoop .. Russia is not a communist nation .. and is a parliamentary system with 12 different political parties .with the communist party representing less than 10 % of the governement, while the Nazi party now controls 50 % ot the Republican party, and the Marxist community now control 60% of the Democratic Party!

      Oh ..that guy Putin .he has been cleared of all meddling and collusion in the U.S election..as concluded by Robert Mueller report , and get this ..two Federal courts..who ruled that Mueller ,also , had no evidence to support Russian Social Media meddling , and another federal court threw out the Russian , Trump, and Wiki leaks hackign and collusion to relaease classified DNC e -mails which indicted Hillary Clinton for war crimes and arming Terrorists!

      Hlle Hitler !

  2. Patrick,.who cares what you write!. 88 % of All Americans ,no longer trust what you TNH and Mainstream media fraudulently spit out to represent you favorite Secret Societies of White supremacist billionaire Arristocrats,who not only own you and TNH.,but the most corrupt government in American history, and whose face is represented..by the Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons..the indicted Senator Robert Menendez!

    That right! While Patirck, TNH and Antonios Diamataris confess that their brothers from the New York Times are propaganda machines that smear and fraudulently distort the political agenda of Mistotakis as a right wing neo con collaborators with the likes of Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Donald Trump, TNH, and the Mason leaders of the Greek Secret Soiciety of Ahepa Cull leader .George Horaitis, they merely expose their secret of what they do for Robert Menendez and right wing Secret societies!

    In 1933, soon after Hitler’s ascent to power, the British ambassador to Germany made this assertion: “I have the impression that the persons directing the policy of the Hitler government are not normal. Many of us, indeed, have a feeling that we are living in a country where fanatics, hooligans and eccentrics have got the upper hand.” 

    Well, fast forward to Amerika 2019 and what have we got? Well, not only does this president fit the bill, but what of those who work under him, sometimes overtly and sometimes covertly, and the millions who
    , …

    1. cont…
      And and the millions who trash any dissent towards him?

      Which brings us to you, a former U.S ambassador to country called Qatar, who is a State Sponsor of Terrorism , where freedom of religion does not exist, and fundsr Sunni Muslim terrorist in Syria,called Al Queda.. who are fanatics killing millions of Orthodox Christians to support the Fanatics ..like you in the State department, military, C.I.A and Congress ..to commit racist genocide against the people of the world ..as we have seen in the Middle East , Asia, and now Latin America!

      Hey, Patrick.. Donald Trump promised to end these criminal regime wars imposed by your boss…Barack Obama , and thre Clinton family.. which has made us a “Permanent WAR ECONOMY!
      and improve relations with Russia! But unfortunately, you and your fanatics in our government…as the UK ambassador described… have made him “THINK BiGER” and join you in taking over the world with the rest of the lunatics, like Menendez..who have taken over!



    2. Dear TNH: Not to interfere with free expression, but could your staff screen some of these replies to ensure that they address the matter in question. Comments about Hitler, the secret societies, and the corrupt US Government were not part of the original posting. Also there should be a limit as to the length of each manifesto that is posted and the number of posting that each author should be allowed.

  3. Xristos .. first replace your name, since, anybody who can feel entitled to publiclly tell a newspaper to censor the truth and opinions about the credibility of a State Department operative named Patrick Theros, who has distinguished themselves in misleading and lying to the American Public to support State Sponsored Terrorist nations like Saudi Arabia to commit genocide of the people in the middle East,, a Greek Secret Society of Ahepa Masons that collaborators with TNH to sponsor a Pay for Play corrupt Ahepa Mason Senator Robert Menendez, who is part of a Government considered by 78 % of the population of America as corrupt thru and thru, which provides the answer.as to what makes us so whacky?.
    “If every other developed country can operate a universal health care system, why is it impossible in the U.S.?” Are things really that out of whack in America? The answer is, yes, they are…..PatrickTheros.

    Xristos. TNH has already censored comments, that happen to be critical of you and your cult. to conceal pertinent facts that expose what has made America whacky!

    This article is not about Universal Health Care and Education.it is about the State Departments favorite enemies .Socialism and anybody that threatens the ability of Oligarchs to amass money at any expense!

    Hell, a Fascist government supported by TNH and Ahepa Masons have imposed a war crimes regime change slaughter of the people of the governmens.who provide free health care and education

    1. Crazy Mike: My name is in fact Xristos,
      If you are so dismissive of TNH and the comments and opinions it expreses , why do your read this publication?

  4. Xristos ..you hide behind our lord name and use our churches for your secret meeting and recruitment…. and request that our Greek Orthodox church ban your Greek Secret Societies of Ahepa Masons permanently and from the boards of our churches!

    But to highlight your treachery to ban free speech .. I refer to the letter to the Editor section of TNH.. which refutes your despicable act of oppression! Read the whole letter, but i will provide you with an excerpt which highlights what makes you and your secret Society very, very , dangerous and repugnant…

    Letter to the Editor: Opinions and Objective Articles

    The more isolated and closed off, the more unhealthy a society becomes, like the individual who shuts off from all human contact and interaction. Crazy ideas seem to make sense like not cutting your toenails ever or storing your urine in jars in your house because there is no one there to express an opposing argument or just to check in and say, “Hey, what are you doing?”

    I would rather hear what everyone has to say and make up my own mind and not have anyone, not a politician, not a businessman, and not even any specific newspaper, tell me how to think.

    Haroula Chrisomallis
    Minneapolis, MN

  5. Health insurance companies are merely middlemen. Google the salaries of the top 5 executives of the largest health insurance companies and be sure you are somewhere you can throw up without making too much of a mess. The CEOs alone of these companies easily make over 10 million $ a year. Compare that statistic to the young man who was wounded in the Las Vega shooting a while back. A go fund me campaign was started to help him pay his medical bills because his health insurance coverage wasn’t enough. Shameful.

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